New Global-Inspired Décor

Since I tend to decorate with a lot of earthy, neutral tones, it’s surprising how much I love spaces that have a global feel with lots of bright colors.  For example, I think that these spaces with a Moroccan flair are amazing!

Elle Decor
Jeffers Design Group
Jeffers Design Group
Martin Lawrence-Bullard Design

What are some options for home décor pieces that would bring a global-inspired feel into your home?  One of my favorites is Serena & Lily’s Moroccan Leather pouf.  It is sold in several different colors but my favorite is this gorgeous shade of turquoise.  The price on this beauty hurts a bit – $450 (ok, hurts a LOT) – but it could be the difference between a pretty room and an amazing room – it’s just that neat of a piece!

Serena & Lily’s Moroccan Leather Pouf

To add a Moroccan touch at a more reasonable price point, look to West Elm – this month they introduced a new line of Moroccan home goods that are pretty fabulous. They aren’t dirt cheap because they are actually made in Morocco through West Elm’s Aid to Artisans program, but they are very reasonably priced for what you are getting.

West Elm

The core pieces of West Elm’s Moroccan line are these Battani Striped Rugs, which are handwoven from wool and cotton. Apparentlly, the varied stripes signify the weaver’s own family crest and, since they are handmade, each rug varies to some degree in its pattern and sizing.  The rugs are approximately 5 x 7 and sell for $399. Aren’t the colors beautiful?!!

West Elm’s Battani Stripe Rugs

If you don’t want to invest that much money into spicing up your space, try a few Bassanti Stripe Pillow Covers, which are sewn from the Battani rugs such as the one above.  Each one-of-a-kind pillow cover is $69. 

West Elm’s Battani Stripe Pillow Covers

If not a rug or a pillow, then how about a pouf?!  Like the pillows, these poufs are created and sewn from Battani rugs.  They are priced at $299. Again, gorgeous!

West Elm’s Battani Poufs
I also absolutely love West Elm’s new Vintage Moroccan Metal Trays.  These circa-1940s trays are hand-hammered with a unique pattern and come in two sizes – large ($149) and extra large ($179).
West Elm’s Vintage Moroccan Metal Trays
West Elm also has a Morocco headboard, which is made in a geometric Moroccan pattern in either white or chocolate.  Depending upon the headboard size, the price ranges from $299 – $449.  This beauty isn’t a Moroccan original, which explains why the price isn’t higher than it is, but it sure is fun – it would be great for a kids’ room!
West Elm’s Morocco Headboard
If you love all of West Elm’s Moroccan-inspired decor, how do you feel about a trip to Morocco?!  You could be in luck – get on West Elm’s website and enter their Discover Morocco Sweepstakes (click here for link).  The prize is a round trip for two to Marrakech – how amazing would that be?!  
Another place to look for the global feel is, of course, World Market.  They just rolled out their newest line, which is the Indian-inspired Voyage les Indiennes.  One of my favorite new pieces in this line is this Ninda upholstered queen bed, which is currently on sale for $499.  That’s a fantastic price for an upholstered bed (and I love the shape of it – so unique!). 
World Market’s Ninda Upholstered Queen Bed
World Market has some new paisley pillows (update: no longer available) that are fabulous too – they have three paisleys on one side and a single paisley on the other.  The paisley toss pillows come in this dark blue color and also in an orange colorway – each pillow sells for $19.99.
World Market’s Dark Blue Paisley Toss Pillow

World Market also hit a home run with their new Basanti Hexagon Table (update: no longer available), which is handcarved with flowers and has a white wash finish.  

World Market’s White Basanti Hexagon Table

Of course, if the West Elm and World Market pieces are too rich for your blood, head on over to my home away from home – Home Goods!  Our Home Goods stores in Cincinnati have had several of these cool Moroccan-inspired accent tables outlined with nailheads.  While you can’t see it in the picture, they have a very interesting snakeskin-like texture.

Home Goods
Home Goods
Do you have any furniture or accessories in your home from places you have traveled (or hope to travel to!)?  Don’t forget to enter West Elm’s sweepstakes  – if you win, will you bring me back a few pillows?!! :-)

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