How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Collage Using PicMonkey!

Since the closing of Picnik in April, I’ve been trying out several other online photo editing sites and PicMonkey has quickly become my favorite. The photo editing features are easy to use, you don’t have to register or use a password, and the site’s signature monkey has some quirky, cute things to say!  A few weeks ago, they added a feature that allows you to create a photo collage, including a super easy way to create one for your Facebook cover photo. I don’t know about you, but I think that finding a long, rectangular photo in the size designated for Facebook cover photos is tough and I never found one that I was very happy with. Last night I went onto PicMonkey to make a photo collage for Driven by Décor’s Facebook page and within 30 minutes I had one that I like SO much better than the the cover photo I had before – my photo collage has all of my favorites in home décor: chevron, lanterns, glass bottles, burlap, and succulents! I did a lot of fiddling around with the collage feature on PicMonkey to learn its ins and outs and created a “how to” for making a collage for your own Facebook cover photo! 

At this point, all of PicMonkey’s features are free, including their “Royale effects” (a.k.a. the fancy stuff) such as the Facebook photo collage feature but it looks as though they will be starting to charge for these special features in the near future so create your collage now while it’s free! When you get to PicMonkey’s site (, the first screen that comes up looks like this – to make your Facebook cover photo collage, click “Create a collage”:

They have some preloaded sample photos that you can play around with to get comfortable with how PicMonkey’s collages work, but if you’re ready to jump in and create your own, click on “Upload photos” on the left (or you can click “Upload” above the collage). 

A new window with your computer file directory will open up, allowing you to select and add photos you’re thinking about using in the collage.  Your photos will show up in the squares on the left-hand side of the screen:

Next, click on the collage layout icon on the far left: 

You will now see a list of the different types of collages you can create – each title you click on will show you several collage options.  For a Facebook cover photo, click on “FB Cover” and it will open up to show you four collage options:

I selected the FB cover collage layout on the far right with one larger cell and six smaller ones. Now go back to your uploaded photos by clicking the photo icon on the far right. Making your collage is as simple as dragging your uploaded photos over to the collage and dropping them into the cells where you’d like them to go (be sure that the arrow you are dragging your photos with is in the middle of the cell before you drop the image into it or it will add a new cell).

If you’re in love with how it looks once your cells are filled, you are done! If you’re type A like me, you can take advantage of the options that allow you to do some tweaking.  One option is to reposition the photo within the cell – just click on the photo and move it around so your image is centered.  Another option is to delete one or more cells – simply hover over the cell and an “X” will show up in the right-hand corner of the cell – click on the “X” to remove the cell from your collage:

Depending upon the cell that you removed, the neighboring image will now expand either vertically or horizontally:

You can also make the cells wider or narrower as well as taller or shorter.  Just hover in the space between the images and a double line will show up – you can move this line back and forth to adjust the size of the images on either side of it:

Once your images all look great and are appropriately sized, you can make changes to the background by clicking on the artist palette icon:

Some of the options that you have with the artist palette include adjusting the space between your photos, adding rounded corners, and/or changing the color of the background:

Once you’re done, save your image to your computer by clicking “Save” at the top:

Easy, right?!  PicMonkey also has an option for making a vertical collage for posting on Pinterest (click on “Pinter-esty”):

I used this feature to create a collage for my post on Simple Ways to Dress Up a Gift Card:

Give the PicMonkey collage feature a try and let me know what you think! 


  1. says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just went on PicMonkey and made my facebook collage and posted it to facebook. I love it! FYI – I found your website via the Better After Blog.

  2. Anonymous says

    I LOVED this tutorial! Worked great for my friend’s salon fb page, but when I went to save internet explorer stopped working! Four times! Any suggestions for this?

  3. Anonymous says

    PicMonkey is fantastic and has created tons of cover photos for me!
    But I also wanted a program that would also allow me to print out my cover photos as a poster or for something to hang on my wall. Recently I found PosterFuse ( a site that allows you to create either (or both) a Facebook cover photo and a 20×30″ poster!

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve looked around many times for a great place to create fun cover collage photos. This is the first site/tutorial I found helpful. I just finished making my first collage pic for my Facebook cover thanks to you and PicMonkey and am sure will be making many more. Your walk through was quite helpful. Thank you! :-)

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