My Hunt for the Perfect Kitchen Table

Something happened to me this weekend that I’d bet has happened to you before too. Here’s the story – we’ve been in our new house for two months now and have been without a kitchen table the whole time. It’s not that I haven’t been looking – I’ve looked ENDLESSLY since the time that we moved in. I’ve scoured local furniture stores, searched everywhere online (including Craigslist), and hit about every consignment shop and Goodwill within a 30 mile radius. What I was looking for was a table that:

  • comfortably seats four people and is large enough to squeeze in two more when needed
  • has a rustic (but not too rustic) feel – I was thinking a farmhouse table, a table with reclaimed wood, or one with a distressed painted finish
  • fit well in our kitchen space, meaning that it could be no longer than 72″ if rectangular and no wider than 54″ if circular
  • was definitely under $1000 and preferably under $500

Before finishing my story, I’ll show you my four final contenders:

1. Restoration Hardware’s 60″ 17th C. Monastery Dining Table in grey acacia ($995) – I’m a sucker for furniture with baluster shapes and for trestle tables so this table is definitely my style. While the unsealed wood planks are part of what makes it beautiful, the negative is that the planks can be uneven, bow over time, and stain pretty easily.

2. Restoration Hardware’s Flatiron Dining Table – 60″ ($695) or 72″ ($795). I love this table but had the same concerns as with the Monastery Table since the tabletop is unsealed wood. I was pretty sure that the unevenness of the wood planked top would mean a future full of lots of spilled kids drinks.

3. Pottery Barn’s Laney Fixed Kitchen Table ($799), which is a rustic pine table. Very simple but I think it could be very pretty paired with slipcovered dining chairs. And I love that it has two large storage drawers for napkins, tablecloths, etc.

4. Z Gallerie’s Archer Round Dining Table ($899), which is made of a wire brushed acacia veneer. At first I was turned off by the fact that it was a veneer table but then I realized that it meant the wood probably wouldn’t stain easily or have any bowing or uneven planking like you can get with the reclaimed, unsealed wood tables.

So picking back up with my story…after two months of shopping and not being able to find the table that was “the one”, on Friday morning I decided to throw in the towel and call Z Gallerie to order the Archer Dining Table. We just couldn’t keep functioning without a kitchen table and I really do like this one – it was just more than I wanted to spend (the shipping was $$$ b/c we don’t have a nearby Z Gallerie). My sister knew that I had been tormenting myself trying to find a table so I texted her that I finally ordered the one from Z Gallerie and added, “So you know that since I finally ordered it, I’ll find the perfect table today, right?”.

Fast forward about six hours – I was coming back from doing some back-to-school shopping with my girls when I spotted a home store that I must have passed about 20 times before but had never noticed. I wasn’t even thinking about looking for a table – I just wanted to check out what this little store was all about. Detour! And what do you think was right in front of me when I walked in? Yep, the perfect table:

No. Way. The perfect size for our eat-in area with a small butterfly leaf that opens for seating six, a beautiful painted & waxed finish with soft gray edging,

 and the legs… LOVE them!!

And the table was under $500. Sold! But actually maybe not. I had already ordered and paid for a table this morning. Fortunately, Z Gallerie was wonderful and cancelled my order with no problem and so on Sunday we picked up our beautiful new table and last night we ate our first dinner in the kitchen since moving in. Sooo happy!

So, am I the only one that this always happens too? You know, giving up on finding what you’re looking for after endless shopping and deliberating only to find the perfect thing once you’ve stopped looking? Tell me I’m not alone here…

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