Blooming Forsythia Branches: Bringing the Outdoors In

We reached temps in the 80s yesterday and the forsythia bushes in our backyard decided it was time to bloom! Being able to clip flowering branches from the backyard and bring them inside for a burst of spring color is one of my favorite things about the season. Yesterday I arranged threw a few forsythia clippings in a mason jar and placed it on the tray that sits on our living room ottoman – it’s amazing how something so simple can instantly liven up a room!

If your weather has warmed up too, take a minute or two to clip off a few forsythia branches and put them in any type of container you have in your home – a jar, vase, pitcher, anything will do!  They look beautiful pretty much anywhere, whether it be on a chest or console,  
{Habitually Chic}
{The Marion House Book}
on the mantel over the fireplace,
{A Country Farmhouse}

as table centerpieces,

{About Vase}
{Style at Home}

{Accomplished Woman}

on coffee tables, 

{Home Design}

or in any other little random spot that could use a touch of color!

{Houzz: Dreamy Whites}
Hans Blomquist
{Faded Charm}

Grouped together with other flowering branches, they look particularly stunning! 

{Southern Living}

What’s blooming in your backyard?

IKEA’s New Indoor Plants


Earlier this week I made a run to IKEA to get a MALM dresser for my youngest daughter’s bedroom. Just before finding out about our move to Connecticut, I had sold her old headboard and chest of drawers on Craigslist to start on a room makeover that I had promised for her upcoming 10th birthday. The makeover has been postponed until we settle in Connecticut but with her clothes spread out between our room, the guest room, and her bedroom closet floor, a new chest of drawers was needed ASAP. I didn’t have a lot of time for my IKEA […]

My New Succulents and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (and the master plan for keeping them alive…)


Is it possible for a plant to be in style? There are two plants that I’m seeing over and over again in design magazines that make quite an impression – succulents and fiddle leaf figs.  If plants can be hip and in style, then that’s exactly what these two plants are. While I think that plants can be beautiful additions to any room’s décor, I have to admit that I have very few of them in my home.  Because, well, I tend to kill them.  Until recently, the only survivors in my home were two plants that are entirely unkillable […]