Dress Up Your Dining Chairs: Corseted Slipcovers

After posting about our new home office last week, a few of you e-mailed asking where to find corseted slipcovers such as those on the pair of Parsons chairs that now sit at our office desk: 

Slipcovers that tie or lace up on the back are a great way to add decorative interest to plain Parsons chairs:

{in the fun lane}
{I Heart Houses}
{cote de Texas}
{Country Living}

{Houzz: Alan Mascord Design Associates}

I lucked into my corseted chairs at Home Again Fine Consignments in Wilmington, N.C. when I was visiting my parents over Christmas. Home Again frequently gets in shipments of unused furniture from market showrooms, as was the case with these chairs.  I figured out that they are the Corseted Linen Side Chairs with Black Stripes by Furniture Classics. You can’t buy directly from Furniture Classics but if you’re interested in them, google the name of the chairs online and you’ll find several sites that sell them. Furniture Classics also has two other corseted chairs – a Corseted Linen Side Chair with a blue stripe as well as one with a red stripe (no idea why they don’t show the back of the chair on their site!):

Other options are Bernhardt’s Westcreek chairs from Horchow:

and this fun ruffled slipcover from Etsy shop “Paula & Erica”:

{Etsy: Paula & Erica}

Do you have a favorite?