Slipcovered Furniture: Yet Another Reason I Love It

The family and living rooms that I’m most drawn to have a few things in common, one of which is slipcovered furniture. Who wouldn’t want to sink into one of these comfortable, inviting beauties?: 

{Simply Seleta}
{Holly Mathis Interiors}
Having two kids and a dog, I also love the practicality of being able to remove the slipcovers to clean them. And in a worst case scenario stain, buying new slipcovers is a whole lot cheaper than buying a whole new couch or chair. With our packers/movers here this week, I can now add another reason to love slipcovers to my list. Unlike my other upholstered furniture, I don’t have to worry about the slipcovered chairs or sofa in my living room getting dirty in the move.  
because the slipcovers were simply taken off and packed safely away in a box. If the un-slipcovered chairs or sofa get dirty or scuffed up, it’s no biggie.

It’s a small thing but anything that I can cross off of my worry list at this point is appreciated! The movers started loading the truck today and the worst thing broken so far is a lightbulb – here’s to hoping it stays that way…

Inexpensive Sofas: A Better Choice than IKEA’s EKTORP?


The house that we are moving to in Connecticut has a fairly large living room and since our current living room space is quite small, we’re going to need some new furniture. At the top of the list is a sofa. We’re in a bit of a unique situation – we may only be in this house for a few years so we don’t want to invest much money in furniture that we won’t have a place for if we end up moving again. What sofa do I think I’ll most likely end up with? IKEA’s slipcovered  EKTORP Sofa in Blekinge white. At only $399, the combination of style and price is hard to beat! The beauty of this sofa is that when it’s used in a well decorated space, the sofa looks anything but cheap: {cote de Texas} {Brooklyn Home Company} {cote de Texas} {Brooklyn Home Company} {Morning T} {Holly […]

Dress Up Your Dining Chairs: Corseted Slipcovers


After posting about our new home office last week, a few of you e-mailed asking where to find corseted slipcovers such as those on the pair of Parsons chairs that now sit at our office desk:  Slipcovers that tie or lace up on the back are a great way to add decorative interest to plain Parsons chairs: {in the fun lane} {I Heart Houses} {cote de Texas} {Country Living} {Houzz} {Houzz: Alan Mascord Design Associates} I lucked into my corseted chairs at Home Again Fine Consignments in Wilmington, N.C. when I was visiting my parents over Christmas. Home Again frequently gets in shipments of unused furniture from market showrooms, as was the case with these chairs.  I figured out that they are the Corseted Linen Side Chairs with Black Stripes by Furniture Classics. You can’t buy directly from Furniture Classics but if you’re interested in them, google the name of the chairs online and you’ll find […]