Slipcovered Furniture: Yet Another Reason I Love It

The family and living rooms that I’m most drawn to have a few things in common, one of which is slipcovered furniture. Who wouldn’t want to sink into one of these comfortable, inviting beauties?: 

{Simply Seleta}
{Holly Mathis Interiors}
Having two kids and a dog, I also love the practicality of being able to remove the slipcovers to clean them. And in a worst case scenario stain, buying new slipcovers is a whole lot cheaper than buying a whole new couch or chair. With our packers/movers here this week, I can now add another reason to love slipcovers to my list. Unlike my other upholstered furniture, I don’t have to worry about the slipcovered chairs or sofa in my living room getting dirty in the move.  
because the slipcovers were simply taken off and packed safely away in a box. If the un-slipcovered chairs or sofa get dirty or scuffed up, it’s no biggie.

It’s a small thing but anything that I can cross off of my worry list at this point is appreciated! The movers started loading the truck today and the worst thing broken so far is a lightbulb – here’s to hoping it stays that way…

Dress Up Your Dining Chairs: Corseted Slipcovers


After posting about our new home office last week, a few of you e-mailed asking where to find corseted slipcovers such as those on the pair of Parsons chairs that now sit at our office desk:  Slipcovers that tie or lace up on the back are a great way to add decorative interest to plain Parsons chairs: {in the fun lane} {I Heart Houses} {cote de Texas} {Country Living} {Houzz} {Houzz: Alan Mascord Design Associates} I lucked into my corseted chairs at Home Again Fine Consignments in Wilmington, N.C. when I was visiting my parents over Christmas. Home Again frequently gets in shipments of […]