Apothecary Jars Decorated for Spring/Easter

With March arriving, it’s official – spring is just around the corner!  Even though we have had a mild winter without a single school snow day, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to chilly weather and hello to spring!   This weekend, my youngest daughter wanted to work on a sewing project – she got a Project Runway sewing machine for Christmas and loves to find new things to sew with it.  In anticipation of the change in seasons, I was working on decorating my apothecary jars for Easter/spring so we decided to try sewing some burlap bunnies to use in the jars.  Here’s the result of our joint decorating venture:

For the jar on the left, we simply placed an artificial bird’s nest in the bottom and added a small ceramic bird that I bought from Hobby Lobby’s Spring Shop.

The jar on the right was also an easy one – we placed some reindeer moss in the bottom, added some colorful eggs from HomeGoods, and tied a simple burlap ribbon around the top.  The center jar was where we used the burlap bunnies we made:

To make the bunnies, I first searched online to find a cute bunny outline.  I ended up using this one: www.glass-fusing-made-easy.com/chocolate-bunny.html, but if you’re looking for something a little different, just google “bunny outline” or “rabbit outline” you will find tons of others to choose from. I copied and pasted the bunny image into a Microsoft Word document where I resized it to my liking and then printed out the image on a sheet of cardstock paper.  After cutting out the image, my daughter traced it onto a piece of burlap. We knew that you wouldn’t see the backs of our burlap bunnies so we used a marker for tracing but if you want your bunny to look good from all sides, use chalk or a water soluble marking pen.

We then placed a second piece of burlap under the piece that we traced the bunny on and my daughter sewed around the outline of the bunny, leaving a decent sized opening at the bottom of the bunny.

We stuffed the bunny with polyfill, being sure to get the stuffing all the way up into the bunny’s ears.  I then poured a small amount of sand into a plastic baggie, which we sealed and placed into the base of the bunny so she could stand up on her own.

After going back to the sewing machine to sew up the bottom of our bunny, we then cut away the excess burlap, leaving about 1/4″ of burlap between our sewing stitches and where we cut. (On our first attempt at bunny making, we did the cutting before the stuffing – due to the loosely woven nature of burlap, the stitches aren’t super strong once you cut the burlap close to them and the seams ended up breaking open in several places.  So remember – stuff, then cut!). We finished off our bunny by tying a colorful ribbon around her neck and adding a silver charm that says “Believe”.

Our final step was to use a hot glue gun to add a cotton ball tail. Originally, we were planning on sewing eyes and whiskers on our bunny, but my daughter and I both agreed that we liked her just like this!

We repeated the process with a slightly different bunny outline to make make a second, smaller bunny and then arranged our burlap beauties in a large apothecary jar, where they are sitting on a bed of artificial Spanish moss, surrounded by a few colorful eggs.  

It was a fun, easy project to do together – my oldest daughter got in on the action too and made this little chick with a lighter colored burlap:

Adorable, isn’t it?!  We haven’t decided where to use this cutie yet but she will definitely find a place amidst our home’s spring decor!

If you like the idea of decorating with apothecary jars, check out my previous post about apothecary jars for some inspiration about places in your home to use them.  

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