Stylish Built-in Dog Beds and Kennels

Our kitchen is pretty small so every bit of space is a precious commodity. What takes up a chunk of the little floor space there is? The dog bed for this little bat-eared cutie:

Having a dog bed in the kitchen is a necessary evil because Hope never lets me out of her sight – if I’m working in the kitchen and there is no dog bed for her to lie down on, she is totally underfoot. In a few years, we hope to completely gut and remodel our kitchen and I would love to incorporate a built-in dog bed into the new kitchen design. If we’re able to squeeze an island into our new kitchen (doubtful unfortunately…), a built-in dog bed such as one of these would be perfect: 

{Kitchen Building}

{Cook Architectural Design Studio}

{San Antonio Express – News}

Other options are to build a dog bed into a kitchen banquette,

{Pinterest – Chris Madden}

a window seat,

{Traditional Home}

or a kitchen base cabinet.  Adding doors to the cabinet transforms it into a built-in kennel that is so much better looking than those ugly wire crates!: 

{Country Home}

Another option is to create a custom pet nook in the wall with the option of adding a door to serve as a kennel:

{LDa Architecture & Interiors}

I would definitely want our built-in dog bed to be in the kitchen, but if your dog likes to lie down in a more quiet, out of the way space, consider a built-in niche or kennel that uses the wasted space under the stairs:

Source unknown
{StyleCraft Homes}
Source unknown

Another fabulous idea for dog and cat owners is to have built-in food and water dishes that you don’t have to be tripping over as you move around the kitchen:

Source unknown
{Artisan Kitchens}

Would you also love a fancy built-in space for your pet’s bed or dishes (or do you think that incorporating something like this into a kitchen design is a bit on the crazy side….)?


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