The Well Hidden TV: Clever Disguises for That Big Black Box!

Most of us agree that there needs to be a spot for a TV in our family rooms but when you start talking about where to put the TV…. that’s when you start to get some disagreements! Some people absolutely love their big flat screen TVs and proudly display them in the room while others can’t stand how they look and will go to great lengths to hide them. I actually fall somewhere between the two camps – I certainly don’t love the look of a big ole TV and am not a huge fan of putting them front and center in a room but at the same time, I’m all about keeping the little things in life easy and don’t know if I’d want to have to continually hide and “unhide” my TV every time I wanted to watch it. For those of you who prefer to keep your TVs out of sight, I’ve gathered some great ideas to disguise those big black boxes in beautiful, decorative ways. I’ll start with one of my favorite idea – using two wood panels on sliding barn door hardware. I love the decorative look of sliding barn doors and with this “hide the tv” solution, you don’t have to constantly open and shut the doors because it has a nice look even with the doors open.

{Schmitt + Company}
{Crisp Architects}
{Cote de Texas}

The problem with this solution for many people (including myself) is that it only works in rooms that have a good bit of space on either side of the TV for the track. If you have your TV above the fireplace and you don’t have much space on either side, the best option may be to hide it behind a set of doors. While this image is one of the most beautiful examples of using a set of doors to hide a TV, those huge doors wouldn’t look so beautiful left open when the TV is not in use:

{Cote de Texas}

Bifold doors that take up less space when folded open can be a more practical solution:

{Country Living}

Another great way to hide a TV is with art – this family’s TV is hidden behind a painting that rolls on a galvanized metal track – definitely one of the coolest solutions that I’ve seen for hiding TVs but it takes a certain style of house for this to look good:

{Southern Living}

On her blog John’s Journal, Maria shared her DIY trick for using art to hide their family room TV – she attached two L brackets to a large piece of canvas art and hangs the art over the TV when she wants it to disappear in the room. It’s an easy and inexpensive solution that looks great!:

{John’s Journal}

Here’s another well hidden TV – this bathroom TV hides behind a hinged piece of art attached to the bookshelves so you’d never know it was there:

{Houzz – Sroka Design}

A recent issue of House Beautiful had a solution for hiding TVs that I hadn’t seen before – the owners of this home used a pull-down vintage map to cleverly hide their TV when not in use.  You could DIY a similar solution by adhering a piece of canvas art to a roll-out projection screen!:

{House Beautiful}

For those of you who are embarking on a kitchen remodel in the near future, have you ever thought of leaving a space in your kitchen island for the TV? Me neither. The TV would be a bit low for my liking but it sure does look cool!

{Real Living}

If you feel that having a well hidden TV is worth shelling out some big money, you can hide a TV in a furniture piece and put it on a lift so that you’d never know it was there until you want to raise it up for viewing:

{Custom Made}

or you can buy a big expensive bed that has the TV lift built right into it!:

{California House}

One final solution is to “hide” your TV out in the open by camouflaging it in a wall of black and white silhouette artwork. If you like this look, Better Homes & Gardens {click here} has made it an easy DIY project by giving you how-to instructions and six free PDFs of downloadable silhouettes.

{Better Homes & Gardens}

What are your thoughts about hiding TVs – are you itching to make yours disappear from sight or do you like having your TV front and center in the room?  Have a great Wednesday all!


  1. Anonymous says

    One you did not mention is Hidden Vision. They have two styles to choose from, flip out TV mount, the flip around TV mounts, they are easy to install, and you can choose your own artwork

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