My New Succulents and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (and the master plan for keeping them alive…)

Is it possible for a plant to be in style? There are two plants that I’m seeing over and over again in design magazines that make quite an impression – succulents and fiddle leaf figs.  If plants can be hip and in style, then that’s exactly what these two plants are. While I think that plants can be beautiful additions to any room’s décor, I have to admit that I have very few of them in my home.  Because, well, I tend to kill them.  Until recently, the only survivors in my home were two plants that are entirely unkillable – they get completely limp and sad after weeks of neglect but then perk right back up when finally given some water.  I’ve been drooling over the gorgeousness of succulents and fiddle leaf fig trees for months but knew it was useless to buy them because they would ultimately die….until I found an iPhone app that is made for black thumbed people like me – Koubachi.  It’s a free app that allows you to input information about each of your plants (including the type of plant, your name for the plant, and where in your home it’s located) and then it reminds you when your plant needs to be watered or fertilized. Simple but genius. 

When you start using the app, it has to determine each plant’s water needs so you calibrate it by fully watering your plant and then informing Koubachi when the soil becomes dry (or if you want to go hard core, you can buy a $99 Wi-Fi plant sensor to automatically sense your plant’s water, temperature, and light needs). With the hope that this new-found tool will help me keep my plants alive, I decided I would finally buy my long-wanted succulents and fiddle leaf fig tree. I don’t know what it is about succulents but I absolutely love how they look: 

{The Succulent Source}
{Terrain via Mint Basil}

I went pretty simple with my succulents – I bought two jade plants from IKEA and planted them in this Elise Footed Bowl from Pottery Barn that is the centerpiece for my kitchen table. I made sure to drill a few holes in the bottom of the bowl for drainage, lined the bottom of the bowl with some small rocks, and used soil that was specifically made for cactuses and succulents.

I love the fleshy green leaves of the jade plant and while I’ve only had it about a month, I’m happy to report that it’s thriving!

And fiddle leaf fig trees – how can you not love how they look? I have been obsessed with them for quite some time because they are almost like sculptural works of art. Can you envision how much less interesting these rooms would be without the fiddle leaf figs?!

{Elle Decor}
{Houzz: Cecilie Starin}
{Elle Decor}
{Cote de Texas}
{Washington Post}
{Live and George}

I had a hard time finding a fiddle leaf fig tree – I read online that others have had luck finding them at IKEA, Home Depot, or Lowe’s but I struck out there as well as at every garden center in town.  I finally found a garden center that would order one in for me and a few weeks ago I brought home this little lovely.  She’s a pretty little gal – not nearly as tall and leafy as the ones in the design magazines but I wasn’t ready to spend the hundreds of dollars that the large fiddle leaf fig trees cost. My little beauty was in a fairly small pot and the garden center recommended that she be transplanted into a larger one

so I bought this rattan storage basket from Target and then transplanted my fiddle leaf fig into a large plastic planter that I nestled snuggly inside the basket and covered with Spanish moss.

I love the way that she livens up this bare corner in my dining room!

Fiddle leaf fig leaves are fabulously large and shiny green – beautiful!

I’ll keep you updated about how my new green housemates fare.  Do you have a favorite plant in your house that you’d recommend I try?


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    Like these ideas. I’m only left with 1 jade plant now that I have kiddos who like to dig and very little “up high” space. I’m going to put it in a more decorative container now!

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    I just love greenery. I have a mix of silk lambs ear and some real plants. If my live plants last a month – I’m doing great, too! I just found your blog via Pinterest – your burlap backed bookcase post. Loving it!

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    Loved this post and i love succulents. Have had great luck with jade and several others. Your fiddle leaf is beautiful! I had a nice one that lasted about a year. I fed it Miracle -Gro–do not do that!

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      I got my fiddle leaf fig for $40 and it has actually grown like crazy (over a foot in just the few months I’ve had it!) so I’m glad I saved my money and went with a smaller one. I’m totally shocked that not only haven’t I killed it but it’s grown so well!

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