Decorating with Vintage Olive Buckets

The January 2013 issue of Country Living is packed with gorgeous spaces, including this beautiful den in the Massachusetts cabin of Bobby Houston and Eric Shamie. Among the many small details that I love about this space are the vintage olive bucket and handblown glass vase flanking the fireplace. 

{Country Living}

It’s a much better look than what I’ve got going on with my own fireplace hearth that is decorated with a single woven lantern. However, in my many outings to flea markets, antique stores, and vintage shops I had yet to come across a vintage olive bucket. That is until a day after I read the newest Country Living when lo and behold….

Home Emporium had received a large shipment of vintage olive buckets!  There’s just something about the style and patina of these olive buckets that I love and there are so many places in my home that I can see using them – most likely it will find its spot by my fireplace like in my inspiration picture but I’ve also found lots of other great ideas for how to use it. For the holidays, they make perfect decorative containers for filling with greenery, birch branches, and pinecones:

{Kansas Sunflower Girls}
{The Polohouse}

and they are a great size for holding a tabletop Christmas tree:

{Fern Creek Cottage}

Olive buckets can also be used to hold other types of plantings year round:

{Pinterest: Buckets of Burlap}
{Savvy Southern Style}
{Pearson & Company}
{Etsy: Eskiden}

You can use them as containers to hold everything from toilet paper in the bathroom, 

{Miss Mustard Seed}

fruits and vegetables in the kitchen,

original source unknown

dried grasses or flowers,

{Etsy: Eskiden}

to your home office trash.

{Miss Mustard Seed}

Some people have even taken these buckets and wired them to become rustic pendants:

Home Emporium’s vintage olive buckets are reasonably priced at $39 but not everyone has a Home Emporium nearby (see this previous post on Home Emporium for more info on this store and its locations). Other sources of vintage olive buckets besides flea markets and antique stores include Williams-Sonoma, where they sell Found Olive Buckets for $99

and Pottery Barn which also has Found Greek Olive Buckets but they are $169 (yikes!).

A cheaper alternative is to find one on Etsy where they are sold in several shops such as Step Back Ink, which has them at the lowest online price that I found ($45 plus $15 shipping).  

{Step Back Ink}

Which of these decorating ideas for olive buckets is your favorite?


  1. says

    I have been wanting these buckets for some time now, those and a dough bowel. Seeing all these great examples I just may have to pull the trigger and get one.
    I like all the ideas but strangely I am sort of loving the t.p. one the best.

  2. says

    Love these buckets and like Stacey, I want one of those dough bowls as well! Patience, I keep telling myself! :) There is a Home Emporium about a half hour away from me so I may just have to go scout it out. :)

  3. says

    Can you believe, I have a relative that used these as a kid on one of the greek isles when sent out to tend the olive orchards. I told him on his next visit to Greece, he has to bring a couple back for my house. I already know where I’ll use them. Thanks for the inspiration!! So glad I found your blog!

    • says

      That’s so neat – not only will you have a great olive bucket to use in your home, but it will have a meaningful story behind it. It’s pieces that have a bit of real history behind them that I love the most!

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