DIY Reclaimed Wood Framed Bulletin Boards

One of my favorite bloggers, Emily Clark, is writing a great series of posts about working with what you have. Whether it be worn out hardwood floors, mismatched appliances, or ugly kitchen countertops and tile, Emily has creative solutions to common home problems that many of us face. As part of this series, she’s invited other bloggers to link up their solutions to problems in their own homes:
I’m linking up my bulletin board solution for a wall in my kitchen that has the most awkwardly placed light switch:

This wall is right next to my kitchen desk area and I had a vision of hanging a huge bulletin board on it such as this one from Restoration Hardware:
but that hateful light switch prevented me from doing so and because of the location of the studs in the wall, it would have required quite a bit of work (and money) to move the switch. To work around the problem, I DIY’ed three bulletin boards using reclaimed wood frames from Hobby Lobby, large cork boards, and a yard of fabric (a tutorial on creating the bulletin boards, can be found on {this previous post}). My original bulletin boards looked like this:

They’ve been sooo nice to have and are the perfect place for pinning up ideas for my latest decorating projects as well as coupons, invitations, etc. but since I can never leave well enough alone in my house, I recently changed them up by replacing the natural linen fabric with some leftover ticking stripe fabric: 

Much better! That awkwardly placed light switch no longer bothers me a bit :-)

Be sure to check out all of the other links on Emily’s Working With What You Have post {here} – you may find the perfect solution to something that’s been bugging you about your own home! 


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    I can’t tell you how much I love that ticking stripe fabric on them! (And, WHY do builders put switches/outlets/etc. in the most awkward places?!)

    Thanks for linking up :)

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