Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Our house hits the rental MLS this weekend and not only has the house never been cleaner but knowing that people will be touring through it has been great incentive for getting some little projects done that have been on my to-do list for forever. One project that I started tackling is a mini makeover of our guest bathroom. Of the four bathrooms in our home, our guest bathroom is the only one that we haven’t remodeled. We’ve done a few things such as replacing the old toilet, hanging a towel bar, and throwing up a storage cabinet above the toilet but it’s still a pretty sad looking space. Since we don’t want to put the money into a full remodel right now, I figured I’d see what I could do with some simple, inexpensive changes starting with the storage cabinet above the toilet. It’s a cheap MDF cabinet that I bought at Target years ago for under $50:

What’s the cheapest, least expensive way to make a big change? Paint of course! I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen, which I had left over from when I painted my kitchen table. Since there is no sanding or other prep needed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I simply took off the cabinet doors, used blue painter’s tape to tape off the wall behind the cabinet and started in on my painting. Just like when I painted my table, I didn’t get very good coverage with the first coat of paint – probably because both my table and the cabinet were very slick surfaces. However, the second coat covered like a dream! Since the paint dries so fast, I was able to do two coats of paint and a coat of wax all in one day (I used the same painting and waxing techniques as when I painted my kitchen table – click over to that post {here} if you want the details). I had some extra knobs that I was planning to use but I made the mistake of popping into Anthropologie “just to look around” and couldn’t leave without two of these gorgeous Mother-Of-Pearl Knobs (affiliate link):

and these beautiful glass jars with aged brass tops (Refracted Ambiance Jar and Baker’s Jar – affiliate links):

Anthropologie, how I love and hate you all at the same time….  After adding in my new loot, my cheap white storage cabinet went from this:

to this:

It looks sooo much nicer than the old one. I’m totally obsessed with the Anthro knobs – something about the combination of the brass and pearl. Worth every penny!:

I added cotton balls to the larger Refracted Ambiance Jar and was going to add Q-tips to the Baker’s Jar but it was a little too short so I threw in some bath beads instead:

I also added a small storage basket that I picked up from Target to hold soaps and mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc. that are nice to have for visiting guests who may have forgotten to pack a thing or two:

The bathroom is looking better, but I’ve got a few more projects in store that I hope to get done next week!

And just because I’m obsessed with before and afters, one more look:

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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    looks great Kris! i JUST rec’d some Annie Sloan paints this wk and bought the French Linen also!! I’m wanting to paint a large bathroom cabinet that our painters painted a few mths ago, but i’m not 100% lovin the color. So I figured I’d try the Sloan paint after reading all about it. I will let you know if i tackle the job this wknd!
    But love how yours turned out!

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      You will love the color but be sure to give it to coats before you judge (I thought that the first coat went on looking a little brown and they it looks gray with the second coat). Be sure and post some pics on your block after you paint your cabinet – would love to see it!

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    Love it. I just took my first Annie Sloan painting class this week and I cant wait to do more projects like this! Erica

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