Trophy and Medal Awards Display

My oldest daughter recently finished her first season of competitive gymnastics and she’s been hounding me to create a display for the medals and trophies that she won. This weekend, I created her trophy and medal display and I’m loving how it turned out (and how quick and easy it was!):

My original plan was to buy a plain ledge shelf such as this one and then attach a custom-cut board to the bottom of it: 

but while shopping in Hobby Lobby, I spotted this 36″ distressed beauty that looked very close to how I had envisioned my combination ledge/attached board would turn out: 

Buying this ready-made version (that was 50% off!) would allow me to skip the board cutting, sanding, gluing, caulking, painting, and distressing that was part of my original plan. While I was totally looking forward to a lengthy DIY project that would have me sweltering in the 130 degree heat of my garage for hours, I went with plan B and bought the Hobby Lobby shelf. It’s a stretch even calling it a DIY project at this point because the only things remaining on my shopping list were knobs. I had success at Hobby Lobby, finding two styles of blingy knobs that I knew my daughter would love:

I bought several of each style with a plan to use them in an alternating pattern.  Once I got my loot home, I decided how many knobs I wanted to use and did some math to figure out how far apart they needed to be from one another in order to be evenly spaced.  I placed a length of blue painter’s tape across the bottom piece of my shelf and marked off the correct spacing:

Next, I drilled holes for my knobs, being careful to create holes that were large enough for the knobs to screw into but small enough that they would stay firmly in place without need for screw nuts holding them on in the back. Before screwing in the knobs, I used a Dremel to cut off a portion of each knob’s screw so that the screw would go most of the way through the wood but not protrude out the back. Once the knobs were screwed in – Done!

We added my daughter’s gymnastics medals:

and then her trophies and a framed picture of her competing in her favorite event – bars:  

Each knob is sturdy enough to support several medals so as she continues on in gymnastics, there’s room for plenty more medals to be added to her display.  There is also quite a bit more room for trophies on shelf – if it starts to fill up, I will probably remove the framed photo from the shelf and replace it with a canvas mounted print hung on the wall behind the trophies. My daughter loves it – her favorite part is, of course, the bling:

Every activity has its own type of awards and your display has to be created with the specific type of awards (trophies, ribbons, medals, etc.) you want to display in mind.  My nephew is absolutely amazing at chess, an activity which awards its best players with trophies.  My sister created a fantastic trophy display that she photographed for me so that I could share it with those of you looking for inspiration in creating your own trophy display:

Don’t you love the balance of the framed photos with the shelves holding the trophies?! Have a great (and hopefully cooler) start to your week!


  1. Kathy Griffith says

    This is exactly what I need to make for those huge dated Christmas ornaments we get every year and are too heavy for the tree. Thanks

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