Ten Great Ceiling Fans

Most interior designers hate ceiling fans and I get it – there aren’t many rooms that don’t look more beautifully decorated when the ceiling fan is replaced with an attractive overhead light fixture.  However, if you live in a house such as mine where some rooms never cool down as much as others in the summer, ceiling fans are a necessary evil. We have ceiling fans in each bedroom of our home and now my husband is lobbying to add a fan to our home office, which I’m in the process of remodeling from its former life as a dining room. I’m not loving the idea of adding yet another ceiling fan to our home but since our home office is as close as my husband gets to having a man cave, I’m trying to stay open minded and have done a lot of looking to see if I can find a fan that I could live with. Before getting to my favorite fans, let’s talk about the golden rule of ceiling fans – a simple design is best:  

You can even get your fan to blend into its surroundings and almost disappear by having one with clear blades or

Clear blades allow this fan to blend into the ceiling

House Beautiful

blades that are the same color as the ceiling:

Another important tip is to be sure and keep the height of your ceiling in mind when selecting a fan – once hung, the fan blades should be a minimum of 7′ from the floor.   In searching for a fan for our home office, I’ve found that there are a lot of very attractive ultra contemporary fans and a lot of ugly, ornate traditional fans but very few good-looking, transitional fans. After MUCH looking, here are my ten favorites (note – some of the links below are affiliate links):

Ten Great Ceiling Fans

  • The 52″ Industry Ceiling Fan made by Modern Fan Co. has a galvanized finish and five choices in blade colors (I prefer the nickel). I love this fan’s old school, industrial feel! 

Modern Fan Company's Galvanized Industry Fan

  • The Industrial 56″ Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan from Westinghouse is the most contemporary of the fans on my list.  I love its sleek, simple design and nickel finish and I really, really love its price (under $50 at this time!). The fan’s description notes that it is truly designed for industrial spaces and that industrial fans are not recommended for household use but there are tons of rave reviews from customers who bought this fan for their homes – I recommend that you read the full description and reviews before deciding if this is the fan for you.  Due to how low down from the ceiling the blades on this fan are located (about 17″), it wouldn’t be a good choice for a room with 8′ ceilings.

Westinghouse 56 inch three blade ceiling fan

  • The 52″ Lapa Fan from The Period Arts Fan Company has a simple, classic design that really appeals to me. It comes in a rubbed bronze finish with either black or mahogany blades. It is also available in a 42″ version.

Lapa Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

If you have 8′ ceilings, you can skip the down rod and instead go with the Lapa Hugger Ceiling Fan (this is currently the top contender for our office fan!):

I’m a firm believer that all ceiling fans look better without attached lights so choose one without lights if you have can lights or other sources of lighting. That being said, I really like having lights on the ceiling fans in my girls’ rooms and will settle for something less attractive to have the convenience of attached lights. If you are in need of a ceiling fan with lights, the Industry Ceiling Fan and Lapa Ceiling Fan above come with light options.  My other favorite options are:  

Minka Aire Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

  • The Schoolhouse Fan from the Period Arts Fan Company has a classic schoolhouse light and traditional fan blade design. The light fixture on this fan is my favorite of the bunch.

Schoolhouse Rubbed Bronze 52 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

  • The 52″ Acero fan is another fan that has some traditional elements, but a clean design that gives it a more contemporary feel. It is available in polished nickel (below), 

Minka Aire Polished Nickel Ceiling Fan

oil rubbed bronze/mahogany (below), 

Acero ceiling fan in oil rubbed bronze and mahogany
and brushed steel/mahogany. The fan comes with a cap that can be used if you don’t need the light:

Acero fan without light

  • The 52″ Mika-Aire Aluma fan has a simple, modern design that would work well with almost any style of décor. If you’d like a fan that blends in with your ceiling, choose the flat white color or if you’d like to add an industrial vibe, it is also available in aluminum.

Minka Aire Aluma Fan in white

  • The 52″ Mika-Aire Strata Ceiling Fan is similar in design to the Industry Ceiling Fan and Lapa fan but I like the light on this fan better than the optional light for those two fans.  It is available in galvanized metal (below)

Minka Aire Strata Ceiling Fan or smoked iron (below):

Minka Aire Strata fan in smoked iron

  • The Highpointe Ceiling Fan from Emerson has a busier design than most of the others but I like that it has some unique character. It is available in a brushed steel finish with dark mahogany blades or a golden espresso finish with chocolate blades (shown below).
 Emerson Highpointe Ceiling Fan
  • I’ll leave you with one final, inexpensive option for those of you who already have a fan but hate the ugly light kit (I’ve got three of them myself!). Paint the fan blades if they are an ugly color and then change out your dated light kit for a drum shade fan light kit from Shades of Light to update and transform the look of your fan:

Drum shade kit for ceiling fan

Do you have a favorite?
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  1. says

    These are great options! I think my favorite is the Schoolhouse Fan, but I also really like the idea of putting a drum shade over lighting on a fan that isn’t too pretty! 😉 Ceiling fans are a necessary evil where I live — in Arizona, where summers are SO HOT. I totally get where you’re coming from. On the one hand, you want your home to have beautiful lighting all around, but at some point practicality has to win. Luckily, you have some great choices here! I hope your week is going well!

  2. says

    I bought the Minka Aire Acero several years ago after much research and seemingly endless searching. I like it so much that I’ve moved it twice, installing it in 3 houses. This was a $400+ fan when I bought it, so it was worth the hassle (I can install myself, so no additional cost for electricians).

    I learned a few things when researching that your readers may find helpful:

    1. The fewer the blades, the more air your fan will move. I don’t know why; perhaps because air has time to settle before being disturbed again by the next blade? Why nearly every ugly fan out there has 5 blades is beyond me.
    2. There is a specific angle at which blades move the most air. I honestly don’t remember what it is, but I think it was 11 or 14 degrees. I’m sure that information can be found easily enough with an internet search.

  3. says

    I love my Remote Control Hunter Ceiling Fan with clear blades. Living room looks awesome with it, but the clear blades are a definite dust magnet. Find myself cleaning them like twice a week.

  4. Ethan Shay says

    Thanks for this article, it is very helpful!
    At first I didn’t like the idea of having a ceiling fan in my home, but after installing it in my home for a few months now, I am really enjoying it’s company, It’s not intrusive and keeps my home cool. I realized that ceiling fans save room as well. I was surprised you didn’t mention the cocoweb kittyhawk. Such a great price and nice design!

  5. Robin Yurkevicz says

    Big Ass fans makes a truly beautiful fan with wooden blades that similate airplane propellars called Haiku

  6. Barbara says

    Hard to find fans small enough and pretty enough for a 850 sq.ft. living space, ceiling is not high. Haven’t seen any that I absolutely love..

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