Getting Into Trouble at IKEA. Again.

I made a run to IKEA earlier this week “just to make a return”. Who was I kidding? Has anyone in the history of IKEA ever made it out of that store with an unspent store credit in hand? If so, I’d love to meet that person. And then ask for them to chaperone me on my next visit to IKEA because THIS is what happens when I go to make a return:

I find these amazing KVARNVIK Storage Boxes. Burlapy textured gray? Yes, please!

And those label holders… amazing.

And you noticed the gray check pattern inside, right?! I officially fall in love and put three in my cart arms (Why would a need a cart or a bag? I was just making a return and looking around a little…). 

Then I spied this, black, white, & gold beauty. Could it be? A desk lamp version of the RANARP wall-mount light that I’ve been obsessed with ever since Elizabeth used it in her basement makeover? Yes, ma’am. It’s a RANARP work lamp. And it just so happens that I’m making over our home office. Could I find a better lamp to go with our office’s soon-to-be black painted walls? I think not.

And how about that black and white cord? Love. Into my cart arms it goes.

Then I came across these gray velvet SANELA pillow covers. They are large 26 inchers and are one of the IKEA Family specials this month – only $7 (originally $13). $7 for a 26″ velvet pillow cover? Seriously amazing deal. Two please! (And FYI, the 20″ SANELA pillows that come in brown, turquoise, lilac, & red are only $4 this month)

They go into my cart…I am in serious need of a bag. And if I need to find a bag and I’m going to have to wait in the check-out line anyway, I might as well check out the whole floor of furniture that I was planning to skip. I see this TV stand that’s a new item. It just so happens that we really need a TV stand for our basement (but I had looked on and hadn’t seen a thing that would work). The IKEA BORGSJO TV Stand is the perfect size at an amazing price ($59)


It has a very cool faux weathered wood finish:

And wouldn’t the KVARNVIK storage boxes work perfectly on it’s shelves? (if I pick up three more…). Here’s a fast-forward peek of the BORGSJO + KVARNVIK combo we’ve now got in our basement: 

I won’t continue to document the downhill slide that proceeded from there other than telling you that I struggled to the furniture pick-up area with more than I ever thought one of those big yellow bags could hold. And then some. 

One of my favorite finds? This RISKORN plant pot – the colors are my inspiration for decorating my youngest daughter’s room, which is next on the to-do list after the home office.

Some of my other finds will be cropping up on the blog in the next couple of weeks. There are a few things I bought that I could tell won’t work out once I got them home sooo I’ll have to run back sometime in the next few months to make a few returns. Hopefully I’ll find that chaperone before then :-)  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous says

    hahaha, love all that enthusiam, sounds like me! I actually have more joy shopping for home goods than clothes or shoes. Love all your purchases. Don’t return those, sell them off so you could dance straight into the show rooms.

  2. says

    Love IKEA too. Wish they had one closer, though I would never get any housework done because I’d be there ALL THE TIME. Liking the sneak peek of that basement, and can’t wait to see the office. That lamp find is wonderful.

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