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  1. Benjamin Moore – Atrium White and Mascarpone are my favorites – Atrium White neutral not too blue or yellow great for trim and ceilings. Mascarpone – warm – creamy without being yellow. Much prefer it to Linen White.

  2. Maybe you could help me!? I have white/gray/light blue (looks like marble) ceramic tiles with dark grey filling in between everywhere in my apartment and was wondering which white to put on my walls. Im in a basement so i dont want for it to look to cold ???? i tried blue on my wall and I ended up not liking it at all ????

    • Hi Millenia!
      Unfortunately picking the right white paint color is something that really needs to be done in person. What I would recommend is that you pick up the color strips for these white paints and bring them home to look at them in your space. Pick your three favorites and get sample cans in those colors – paint a large area (two coats!) in each of the three colors and I promise that it will be easy to tell which color is best with everything else you have in your space!

  3. we are renovating an older home Traditîonal Greek Revival. I want to use a creamy white for the interior. What’s your opinion on using one color like dove white by Benjamin Moore for the wallboards as well as the trim for moldings , mantle and other trimwork. Is using one color in this way a trend now or should I stay with two contrasting shades? Thank you

    • I actually love the look of White Dove for both the walls and trim (I have that combination in my kitchen!). Even though it’s the same color, the different sheen makes the color look slightly different so I feel like it gives some subtle contrast yet still flows together really well.

  4. What are your thoughts on Benjamin Moore line Aura vs. Regal Select and would you do trim in either of those two or Benjamin Moore Advance?

    • Hi John! I’ve painted with all three of those Benjamin Moore paints and they’re all great paints. I use Regal Select in semigloss for trim unless I’m painting over oil-based paint, in which case I use Advance. Hope that helps!

  5. HI Kris, I’m stuck between White Dove and Swiss Coffee. I like both but one or the other looks better on my walls in different parts of the house. What do you think about BM Swiss Coffee?

  6. for those with questions about walls vs trim colors…I just painted my home with a color called Weathered White. I used the European look with same color base and crown. What I ran into was the crown created a shadow and looked darker , so I had it lightened up quite a bit and in a semi gloss. It was right above painted cabinets which were in the wall color but semi. It was all seamless and gave a great look to a 60′ rancher with lower ceilings. I read about this European style on some decorating site. It was great solution.

  7. Hi there! I’m curious after looking at this great article because you seem to know your stuff, what white (white on white for trim and cabinets) you’d suggest for a room that doesn’t get a ton of sun throughout the day. I’m saddened to discover my hubby and my first house seems to not have many, or big, windows though I would really like to punch up the light and airy factor. Creme and oat coastal or white and oat and creams is the look I’d like most (both in decor and on walls, etc). Do you have any suggestions? It’s hard to find suggestions for this look when the room isn’t a bright one! Thanks!!

    • Lauren I think several of the whites in this post might work well for you – it just depends if you’re looking for a cool white or warm white and what intensity. I’ve found that Cloud White works well in darker spaces so maybe try a sample of that first and go from there!

  8. Good article! I’m needing to refresh some spaces in our home that were painted white when we bought the house but remind me of ‘primer’! It just doesn’t look finished! I love white and want to keep it white but use a ‘warmer’ version of the color! I was feeling overwhelmed about how to go about it! This article comes at a good time! Thanks Kris!

  9. Wish I had read your entry a year ago. We just built our new home on the NC coast where we get lots of bright light in the upstairs rooms. I had two bedrooms painted Simply White after painting numerous board a variety of whites. As soon as the rooms were completed, before we even moved in, I knew I had made a mistake. The rooms looked a ‘greeny-yellow’. Awful! They look even worse now that my red, white, and blue themed bedding is in there. I hate to paint and my husband refuses to pay a pai ter!

    • Ugh! I have seen Simply White used time and time again and be the perfect white BUT I’ve also seen it turn green – I tried to use it in my own home and painted one wall but it definitely had a green tint in my space. It varies so much from house to house!

      • Just painted simply white and the painter thought maybe they got it wrong it looks green. He has to do one more coat so I can change. This is for all bedrooms. The rest of my home is the sw alabaster. What should I put over the simply white to not be green?

    • HI

      I am having the same problem with both Cloud White and Simply White-I feel your pain!

      I have a tint on my windows and grass and blue water outside which impacts I am sure, but even in a washroom with no window, the paints still look green.

      Wondering if you have come up with any solutions? I just hung up from Sherwin Willliams after discussing Alabaster, which they tell me has gray instead of yellow undertones and would be similar to Cloud White.

      I guess this is why the root word of paint is pain.

      Would be interested to hear from you.
      Thank you.

      • Brenda one thing I found is that the Matte sheen of both paints is quite a bit different than the flat so I’ve gone back to using flat since it’s less yellow/green. Cloud White flat doesn’t give off any of the green tones in my house!

  10. I love Benjamin Moore colors. I used their Simply White for the trim in my house and White Dove for my kitchen cabinets. Pretty much all my walls are painted in one of their colors. Mostly neutrals, blues, or greens.

  11. Is it my monitor or do all these whites have a touch of blue? I think I like Chantilly Lace the best. But it is really hard to tell.
    Thank you.

  12. This post came at the perfect time!! I have been trying to find the perfect white on our our huge fireplace wall. Our walls are BM Revere Pewter and our trim is just basic white (that the previous owners had chosen). I would like it to be a soft white without being too yellowy . Any recommendations for what white would work best on that wall? Thank you for your time.

  13. Kris,
    This is very helpful. I’ve seen several of the BM paints in various whites. It can be overwhelming. Thanks for the detailed descriptions. I think the next time I have to paint I’ll paint with Simply White.


  14. Great information Kris. I am in the process of choosing a white paint for the trim/doors/cabinets in our home. Our current “white” has been custom matched the past few times since it is no longer available. So I need to find a current white I love. Of course my sweet hubby says “white is white”. LOL

    • Lauren I had to do that in our last house – there were several whites and I didn’t know what any of them were so I had to just cut the cord and start fresh! Hope you find one that you love!

  15. Kris this is such a great post!! You can bet I’ll be referring back to it soon:). And thank you for sharing my kitchen…I feel so honored it made your list😘

  16. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for the tips on white paint! I thought I had my heart set on Simply White for our home – until I saw your Living room with Cloud White. I just love that room of yours and I might have to give this cloud white color a try.

  17. We are doing a new build and I am completely lost in picking a white for the ceiling. Our colors are neutrals for the most part (SW Sea Salt and On the Rocks, BM Silver Mist and Pale Oak). I am leaning toward BM Simply White, SW Pure White or Alabaster. Impressions on an would look best?

    • I am looking for soft white (not too stark) for exterior in south florida. A lot of sun east/west facing. Any suggestions, looked at Swiss coffee & greek Villa. Also, nice trim color with co tast. Roof and pavers multi terracotta/grey/slight yellow.

    • How fun! Unfortunately I don’t ever feel comfortable making specific recommendations without seeing a space in person – colors can change so much depending upon the other colors in a space, what direction it’s facing, etc.

  18. Thank you for this post. I am going out today to get samples and paint foam core boards 3 different whites to try in our new-to-us home! I plan to use the same color ceiling, walls and trim in most of the house. What finish is most modern? Some designers advise matte for ceiling and other satin. Some advise eggshell for wall and others say matte. Semi-gloss or satin for trim? Should kitchens and baths be different in paint finish from the rest of the house.? I love your BM White Cloud look with the black and white photographs. My husband is a black and white fine art photographer, so that setting was very persuasive! I will do my homework on the color, but can definitely use your insight on finish. Many thanks!

    • I think finish is very much personal preference – I typically do matte on the walls, flat on ceilings (the more sheen, the more that you see imperfections and most ceilings have a lot of them), and satin on trim. In terms of what’s most modern, honestly I think it’s either end of the extremes – either matte or high gloss! And as far as kitchen and baths, I’ve used BM matte on those too because it’s a scrubbable flat but I don’t have young kids getting water everywhere either. For a space that gets really heavy use you’re better off going with a higher sheen. Hope that helps!

  19. I’m planning on having my new kitchen cabinets and trim painted in Simply White. Is there another Benjamin Moore white you think would pair well with it on the shiplap walls and ceiling? Thinking of either Dove White or Cloud White, but am open to other suggestions. It is a west facing room with lots of green reflecting from the outside. (Living in a rainforest)

    • Hi Karen – it’s hard to say for sure since whites can look so different from space to space but I will say that I tried Simply White in my house that has a lot of green reflecting from the outdoors and it turned the white a greenish tone so I ended up using Cloud White. I would definitely paint some boards a few different whites and try them out in your house.

  20. Do you have a favorite white in Behr? I have used whitecliff beige in Glidden, the swatch looks very beige but yet it looks very white in my entry and halls. I love it, but was going to use it someone else’s bedroom and now I’m leery it won’t look the same it looks in my home. Ahhh what to do. I wanted to use Behr as a Home Depot is close and a good price point for my client.

    KD Interiors.

  21. Have you ever used Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White? I’m going for the white on white look, but I definitely don’t want it to feel sterile. My cabinet guy is recommending doing the kitchen cabinets and built-ins in SW Aesthetic White, which means I’d also probably have to do my trim in the same color since it’s all one, big open space and my cabinets will extend to the ceiling. I’m having a terrible time making a decision on how to tie it all together!

  22. Please help me pick an exterior white for my lake house in north Louisiana, which is cedar with a Certainteed Weathered Wood roof and copper gutters. I’m trying to decide between BM White Dove, BM Gray Owl, SW Natural Choice, SW Alabaster, SW Dover White…. HELP!!! Thank you so much!

    • I’d love to help but feel that the only way to choose outdoor paint colors well is to see samples on the house in person – the same color can look very different from house to house depending on materials, surroundings, etc.

  23. For a kitchen would you suggest satin or matte? We will actually be painting the entire house one colour to start
    Most likely chantilly lace or simply white, white heron, Decorater’s white

    • Most people will suggest satin for a kitchen because it’s more scrubbable but I actually use flat or matte everywhere because I like the lack of sheen and how easy it is to touch up.

  24. Hi Kris,
    My husband and I live in a townhouse that has all sliding glass doors. We keep the blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep the heat from beating in and the air running all day (we live in Florida).
    I want to have the interior updated as we haven’t painted in 16 years. I have decided that White Dove BM and Alabaster SW are the top contenders as of right now for all the walls pretty much throughout. I want the trim & ceilings white but have no idea what white to chose with either paint.
    My furniture is off white (Ikea slipcovers for sofa & chairs) with multi blue striped large area rugs in the living room area. Without seeing pictures what’s your opinion on both paints and what white for the trim & ceilings.
    I’m NOT good with color at all so I found your blog and knew you were the person I wanted to ask.
    Thank you in advance, Chris

  25. I love your break down of the whites! We chose cloud white for our kitchen cabinets, and revere pewter for our main walls (open concept) now 3 years later I am hating the revere pewter and finding it too dark. I am having a heck of a time finding a lighter wall colour yo bo with my cloud white cabinets!! Any advice??

  26. Great article. Can you recommend a white to go with golden oak? Our house is 100+ yrs old with the original oak trim and floors. We have decided not to paint the oak trim. Thanks

    • Whites are so tricky that honestly the same white can look totally different in two different homes so I really can’t make a blanket recommendation for a white – I would just be guessing. Sorry!

  27. Hello! I have a very small home and I have chosen blue/green/gray colors throughout. Our Hall connects our living (SW Silver Strand) and kitchen (SW Rainwashed) so you can see from one room to the other. There is no light in the hall except from the adjacent rooms. I was thinking that SW Alabaster would lighten it up and keep the house from feeling too cool…..