A Tour of the Newest Beverly Hills Housewife’s Home

I have a guilty confession….I love watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I realize that it’s mindless trash TV and that the show is about as far from “reality” as reality comes.  But I love checking out all of the housewives’ designer clothing and ostentatious jewelry. I love to marvel at all of the obscene ways they find to spend their seemingly endless amounts of money. But most of all, I love seeing the interiors of the unbelievably lavish homes where the housewives and their friends live. This season we were introduced to a new housewife, Yolanda Foster, who claims to have designed every square inch of the huge Malibu home she shares with her producer/songwriter husband, David Foster. Last week she held a dinner party for the housewives and we were treated to peeks at a few rooms in Yolanda’s home, which is unbelievably beautiful (a refreshing change from the overdone, gaudy decorating you see in most homes of the uber-wealthy). I tracked down a few pics from Bravo’s web site so that I can take you on a tour, entering through the beautifully landscaped Spanish-style exterior: 

The dining table where the housewives gathered for the dinner party was simple and elegant with an amazing view of the Fosters’ outdoor space.

Yolanda had arranged a fantastic centerpiece with candles, flowers, flower petals, and halved lemons that grow in abundance on her property. I love the beaded charger plates.

We were treated to a few glimpses of Yolanda’s fantastic kitchen with the star attraction being this unbelievable marble and glass refrigerator that Yolanda personally designed. I’m assuming that this fridge is reserved for produce and beverages and that there is a second one somewhere for her less attractive refrigerated items. 

Now the best part – Yolanda’s closet. Simply unbelievable.

We didn’t get to see much more of the interior of Yolanda’s house, but stepping into her backyard, you’ll find a gorgeous infinity pool and a magnificent view of the ocean.

I love how they used grass for grout in the tiling that surrounds the pool area – I’m sure it’s a maintenance nightmare but with Yolanda’s team of gardeners, why not?

The covered outdoor lounging space has beautiful ceiling beams and is very simply but tastefully decorated.   

I love the design of the outdoor fireplace (I’m a sucker for a herringbone pattern firebox!) and of course it is impeccably accessorized.  

While I love Yolanda’s house (especially that closet….), if all of the housewife drama comes along with it, I think I’d be much happier staying right where I’m at. :-)


  1. says

    Hi Kris:
    I love the “Real” housewives shows, too, but I mostly fast forward through the fighting and bickering. I like the clothes, the vacations, and the houses (and the way the ladies style themselves and their homes). It’s fun to peek inside another world, but I agree with you – I am happier in my simple, happy home with my simple, happy life :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Who is this woman? What does she do or does she just “marry?” I don’t watch that show (I refuse to support anything that denegrates women, especially when they do it to each other.) Love the closet and the fridge – very cool!

  3. Anonymous says

    Her house is my favorite of all time. Do you know where she got the beaded chargers foe her dining table?

    • says

      I love those chargers too – I don’t know where they’re from but I’m sure it’s somewhere expensive! They had very similar ones at World Market last time I was there (which was several months ago).

  4. sara shelby says

    clearly yolanda is a fabulous decorator. i would be wiping constantly on the glass of everything . i especially love the painted blocks in her kitchen and the lemons ,lemons, lemons!

    • Kris @ Driven by Decor says

      I think Yolanda is fabulous at everything she does! I would be constantly wiping off the glass too but who are we kidding – she has “people” for that, I’m sure!

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