I’m Hanging Out at 702 Park Project

Hey guys! Just popping in to let you know that I’m filling in for my friend Sarah over at 702 Park Project today, sharing some of my favorite fall and holiday decorations. I think my favorite is this simple holiday door greenery from last year – I know I should be a good blogger and come up with something new and creative for my holiday door this year but chances are that you’ll see a do-over of this one since I enjoyed it so much (and when else am I going to use those bells?).

Simple holiday door decoration with greenery and bells

Hop on over to 702 Park Project {here} to check out my post and while you’re there, be sure to take some time to snoop around Sarah’s blog and check out the unbelievable in-progress restoration of their 100+ year old home. Sarah makes the remodeling work that I do on my own home look like child’s play. Take her master bathroom for example – this is what she started with:

and this is her master bathroom now:

Now THAT’s a serious reno! You can see more of Sarah’s house {here} and be sure to catch the post about the unique history behind their home – such a cool story!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow with some pretty heinous “before” pictures of my own – I’m going to be doing a budget remodel of our hot mess of a powder room over the next several weeks and I’ll share what it’s looking like now and my plan for sprucing it up. See you then!


I’m Done! (But I Need Your Help…)

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I’m so excited guys – my blog redesign is done! Yes, the major changes such as the switch to WordPress, new logo, and new site design came weeks ago but Kate and I have been doing lots of little tweaking ever since and we finally finished up at the end of last week. I’m so happy with the new look of my house tour and projects pages but my favorite has to be the “about” page, which Kate did such a great job designing. It shows some of the many things that I’m driven by (besides, of course, decor): More than you really wanted to know, right? Of course, I left some things off like my addictions to The Bachelor, guacamole, and pumpkin ice cream but they’ll just have to make their appearances on Instagram instead… Also as part of the redesign, I’ve solved my biggest reader complaint – the finicky comments section that made it a pain in […]

Best of the Nest September Link Party

vanity bench 4

It’s so crazy how quickly summer has turned into fall – it was shorts and flip flops weather last weekend but today was chilly enough for me to put on a sweater and even turn on the heat on for a bit. Summer is my favorite season so I’m sad to see it go but I do love seeing the leaves start to change, getting to wear my favorite fall boots, drinking pumpkin coffee, and seeing roadside stands overflowing with pumpkins. Fall certainly seems to be a productive time around blogland – I’ve seen so many great fall house tours and projects lately. And since it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time for everyone to share those great projects at our Best of the Nest link party! As we do every month, Pam, Lisa, Jennifer, and I will get this party started by sharing our favorite projects from our own nests:   Kris @ Driven by Décor […]

DIY Resized Jute Rug (From Standard to Custom!)

Driven by Decor - Jute Rug in Foyer

It’s been musical rugs over at our house lately – I thought I had our entry rug all figured out when I placed my new West Elm geometric rug by the front door. But it ended up being a no-go for that spot (I’ll fill you in on why in a minute) so I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and go custom to get the 4′ x 5′ size that I needed for my odd little entry space. But after going to a few carpet and rug stores, I realized that the only carpets that I could get cut to size and bound without breaking the bank are all kinda ugly. So what’s a girl to do but take what she’s already got (a chunky 4 x 6 jute rug) and do a little DIY to make it the custom size that’s just right for the space: Here’s how it all went down. The 4 x 6 jute […]

Director’s Chairs (and the One That Got Away)


The expression is “the one that got away” but when it comes to missing out on a great find because I didn’t act fast enough, for me it’s more like “the 100+ things that got away”. It happens all the time. A few weeks ago it was this amazing chrome and black leather director’s chair for $20 at the thrift store. It was so cool. But before I buy something, I have to love it AND have a place for it because we pretty much have zero storage in our house for a “I might use it some day” piece. Since I couldn’t think of a spot for it, I left it behind only to realize the next day that it would be the perfect chair for the small desk area that’s part of the built-ins in our home office. But we all know the end to this story – of course that […]

Baking Pan Turned Decorative Drink Tray

Driven by Decor - Close up of DIY Drink Tray

When I was in high school, it drove my mom nuts that instead of using the desk she bought for my room, I did my homework in bed, propped up by loads of pillows. Some things never change. I have good intentions of working at the desk in our home office and usually start out there but inevitably I migrate over to the living room couch. Not only is it more comfy and relaxing, but the couch has the added benefit of getting snuggled by this sweet girl who is is a master of the “I’m bored, take me for a walk” look. The problem with computing on the couch is not having a good place to put my coffee cup. Because I need that sucker close by in the morning. I usually end up throwing a hardcover book on the cushion next to me and balancing my coffee cup on top of it. Definitely not ideal. So when I […]

Because Who Said Witches Can’t Have Style?

Driven by Decor - DIY Decorative Witch Hat

True Halloween confession: I can’t stand the combination of orange and black. Orange I like. Black I like. But orange and black together…not so much. I have hardly any Halloween decorations because, well, what’s in the stores is pretty much all orange and black. So when I spied a plain paper mache witch’s hat at Michael’s, I grabbed it with the thought of making something other than your typical black witch’s hat. Because who said witches can’t have style? This is a super simple 30 minute DIY that I’m sure you could figure out on your own but I’ll show you how I got the job done. The first step is obviously to pick out your fabric. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I was making a hat for a witch with style…high-end style apparently because she said she’d settle for nothing less than Schumacher. I looked in my fabric sample/remnant stash and Schumacher’s Chiang Mai was the […]

Off With the Wallpaper, On with the Gray Paint!

Houzz: CCG Interiors

By the time happy hour rolls around today, I’m hoping to be celebrating being the proud owner of a wallpaper-less foyer! 90% of the wallpaper was taken off weeks ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet about finishing the job because that last 10%? So not fun. At some point in our home’s past, crown molding was added to our foyer, which would be all great and wonderful if they hadn’t just slapped the new molding on over the existing wallpaper. So with the wallpaper running up under the crown molding, it involves some painstaking cutting, steaming, and scraping to get those last bits of wallpaper off. But since I’m close to crossing the wallpaper removing finish line, over the weekend I pulled out my paint chips and started thinking about options for colors to paint our foyer. The three rooms off of our foyer are our living room, dining room, and office – based on the colors in […]

My New Geometric Rug (& Some Others You’ll Love)

Driven by Decor-West Elm Black and Gray Geometric Rug

Having a house full of hardwoods, I’m always got my eye out for good looking, inexpensive rugs. And I’ve been loving the patterned rugs that some of my favorite stores have come out with this fall. One of them (West Elm’s Bazaar Wool Dhurrie Rug) jumped its way into my online shopping cart and arrived at my door yesterday. I love the fun geometric pattern and the colors fit right in with the rest of my house. I’ve got a few different spots where I could use it but I’m thinking it will stay in our entryway since it works so well with the colors & patterns in our living and dining rooms, which are the two rooms flanking our entry. I thought I’d share a few of my other favorite new patterned rugs too in case you’re a chronic rug searcher like me. Most of them are online-only but I just waited until West Elm had a free […]