My Gallery Wall Resource List

First of all, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your nice comments about my gallery wall reveal. I would love to say that I slapped that sucker up in a day but the reality is that I arranged, rearranged, added to, took away, and second and third guessed myself while my soon-to-be-hung-up gallery wall laid on our living room floor for two weeks. So I was more than excited to finally get it up on the wall and to then read all of your wonderful comments. Thanks – you guys are the best!

When I started planning for my gallery wall, I already had a few pieces that I wanted to include but I knew that I was going to need several more. Nice art and frames can quickly get expensive so I DIY’ed several of my art pieces and stuck with inexpensive frames and other objects to hang. I thought it might be helpful to go through and share my resources in case there were any pieces on my wall that you guys were eyeing!

Driven by Decor - Eclectic Home Office Gallery Wall

Let’s start on the left with my much loved elephant print and move our way across the wall, ok? The elephant is a limited edition art print called “In The Room II” by Holly Royval that was c/o Minted and it’s framed in a chunky white/wood frame that was on clearance at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago. Underneath the framed elephant print is a botanical that I bought on my June visit to the Country Living Fair.

Driven By Decor - Elephant Print From Minted and Frame From Pottery Barn

I found the sun mirror at the Ballard Outlet years ago but this Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror that they currently carry is almost the exact same one. Below it is a wooden arrow from Urban Outfitters – it comes in a natural wood finish that was a little too much next to my tree slice so I dry brushed on some gray and white paint. Below the arrow is a woven frame from HomeGoods that I’ve had forever and to the right is my tree slice, which is a cutting board that’s also from HomeGoods (the cutting board section of HG has some great finds –  remember this Instagram pic?). The gold cleat is Anthropologie’s Streamline Hook – I snagged it at the eleventh hour with no time to mess around with painting,  but you could easily replicate it for very little money by spray painting a standard cleat gold.

Driven by Decor - Gallery wall sun, arrow, woven frame, and tree slice

Above the tree slice is a picture of the ship called “The Finland” that my maternal grandfather was on when his family immigrated to the United States. I found the image online and printed it out at home. It’s framed in Target’s Carved Chevron frame from their Threshold line.

Driven by Decor - Immigrant Ship Print

The black and white bone inlay frame is an old Nate Berkus frame from Target  – they no longer carry it but they do currently have this Nate Berkus inlay frame in the same size. I simply added three feathers to the frame with no background matting.

Driven by Decor - Styled console below gallery wall

The green branch/frond/whatever was from my stash (I have no clue why I had it) and the frame is from Michaels. It started out a dark brown but I painted it white and distressed the edges.

Driven by Decor - Framed plant frondThe huge lion’s head door knocker was a HomeGoods find – love that thing!

Driven by Decor - Silver Lion's Head Knocker

And finally, the octopus print was a freebee from the Graphics Fairy {here} – I sized it to fit my frame and printed it on my home computer. The Graphics Fairy is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been on it before – lots and lots of free graphics! The octopus print frame is a flea market find. And I should also mention that the beautiful vase is from Bonnie Nieman’s Antiques & Artisan in New Jersey. I won it in a contest on The Relished Roost several months ago and have used it all over my home. On the books next to the vase is a Turtle Magnifying Glass from World Market.

Driven by Decor - Free Printable Art

The rest of the items sitting on my console are either vintage flea market finds (like the elephant & pineapple) or are from my private stash.

Now that my gallery wall is done, I’m switching gears and putting my bathroom remodel into overdrive – I’ve got lots and lots to do before the final reveal in just over two weeks. Yikes! I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on the progress…



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