One Room Challenge (Week 5): See Ya Later Yellow!

It’s week five of the One Room Challenge and I’m way behind where I should be to have much of any hope of wrapping this bathroom remodel up in the next week. But let’s ignore the long to-do list for now and talk progress. Remember those yellow walls? Gone!

Driven by Decor - Royal Designs Bathroom Stencil

I painted them Chelsea Gray (Benjamin Moore) and have finished up one wall of the stenciling. I love, love, love the stencil but it’s taking me much longer to do than I expected so I’m thinking about taking a little shortcut and would love your opinion. Does this wall look finished to you?

Driven by Decor - Stenciled bathroom wall

Because really…it’s not. Do you see how there are columns of three stencil repeats and columns of two stencil repeats? On the two column ones, there should be a partial stencil at the top and a partial stencil at the bottom. Do you think it looks ok as is or do you think I should suck it up and go back and add those partial stencils?

Other than the painting progress, this room is looking like one big hot mess at the moment. Actually, it’s not just this room – it’s most of my house. #notimetoclean

Driven by Decor - Bathroom remodel in progress

There’s about twenty little things that still need to be done but the biggie is painting the floor tile. I wish it was going to be simple but of course when I took out the carpet that was in there, I found this:

cracked tile to repair

Yep, right in the middle of the bathroom is a cracked tile and there are several places where the tile grout has chipped out. So painting the floors is turning into more than just painting the floors. It’s going to involve epoxying the crack, sanding and cleaning the whole floor, removing the loose grout, regrouting the trouble spots, priming, painting, and polyurethaning. Ugh.

Do you think anyone else in the ORC is as behind as I am? Doubtful. I’m heading over to see where everyone is at and maybe find another lagger-behind to commiserate with. If you want to check out everyone’s progress too, you can see what’s going on with the 20 main participants {here} and all of the linking participants {here}. But don’t forget to first give me your opinion about finishing off the stenciling first, okay?


P.S. Best of the Nest is tomorrow (10/31/14)! Come on over and link up your favorite project of the month or just browse through the links for some inspiration. See you there!

Finally! My Living Room is Perfectly Pillow-ified

Driven by Decor - Living room with IKEA Ektorp and linen pillows

It’s a perpetual game of musical chairs with the pillows in my house – they’re always getting moved around from one room to the next. And even though I’ve tried about 101 different pillow combinations in our living room, none of the different pillow arrangements I’ve tried have felt quite right. But after adding in some new linen beauties last week, I finally have a look that I love! I already had enough pattern in the room with my drapes, two patterned pillows, and patterned fringed fabric thrown over my swivel chairs so what I needed to finish off my space was some rich texture (texture is key to decorating with neutrals!). I found it with some gorgeous Belgian linen pillow covers from Barn & Willow. On one side of my couch I added a 20″ Belgian linen knife-edged pillow in “Oyster” to go with my patterned lumbar pillow from HomeGoods and Pottery Barn fur throw: The linen […]

One Room Challenge (Week 4): #3 Is Gonna Work!

marble / tassels / linen

It’s four weeks down and only two to go (yikes!) on the makeover of my One Room Challenge bathroom. If you missed out on the first three weeks of the challenge and want to play catch up… Week 1: The Plan Week 2: Getting Worse Before It Gets Better Week 3: A Tale of Three Medicine Cabinets So where am I at week 4? Way behind where I’d like to be but heading in the right direction. Several things have changed in my plan from week one, so I updated my inspiration board so you have a feel of where I’m going with things: The big news for the week is this – medicine cabinet #3 is going to work! Thank. Goodness. I think I’m already blacklisted as a crazy at Restoration Hardware (and probably with the poor UPS guy too) after my two medicine cabinet exchanges so I was so relieved when […]

My Gallery Wall Resource List

Driven by Decor - Styled console below gallery wall

First of all, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your nice comments about my gallery wall reveal. I would love to say that I slapped that sucker up in a day but the reality is that I arranged, rearranged, added to, took away, and second and third guessed myself while my soon-to-be-hung-up gallery wall laid on our living room floor for two weeks. So I was more than excited to finally get it up on the wall and to then read all of your wonderful comments. Thanks – you guys are the best! When I started planning for my gallery wall, I already had a few pieces that I wanted to include but I knew that I was going to need several more. Nice art and frames can quickly get expensive so I DIY’ed several of my art pieces and stuck with inexpensive frames and other objects to hang. I thought it might be […]

My Home Office Gallery Wall Reveal & Tips

Driven by Decor - Home office art wall

Today’s the day – are you ready to see everyone’s gallery wall reveals? Led by the talented Mary Ann of Classic • Casual • Home and Cindy of Rough Luxe, it’s the third and final week of the Project Design series on creating gallery walls. If you’re a little late to the party, you can catch up here: Week One:  Gallery Wall Inspiration Week Two: The Gallery Wall Plans for My Home Office Now on to the reveal! The blank black wall above my home office console is blank no more: And since it’s always fun to see how rooms evolve over time, this is the “before” of the wall when we moved in a little over a year ago: and now the “after”: I was hoping that my new drapes would be done and hung up before the reveal but no such luck – they will flank the large window on the wall to […]

One Room Challenge (Week 3): A Tale of Three Medicine Cabinets

Restoration Hardware Wilshire Sconce

So it’s the halfway point of the One Room Challenge and things aren’t going so hot with this little bathroom remodel of mine. I was hoping to have some pretty pictures of my new medicine cabinet and sconces along with some no-longer-yellow walls but my sad little bathroom isn’t looking all that different than it did last week. What’s to blame? The medicine cabinet. Or should I say medicine cabinets. Here’s the story… Last Friday my father-in-law and I removed the old bathroom mirror that was glued to the wall and found a surprise underneath: Yep, a boxed-out niche for a recessed medicine cabinet. I was a happy girl. I had wanted a recessed medicine cabinet instead of a wall-mounted one from the get-go but was told that there was very likely a pipe running up the wall behind the sink that would need to be rerouted to create the niche and doing that wasn’t in our budget. I […]

Kitchen Backsplash Tile: How High to Go?

Fiorella Design

There are so many decisions to make when you’re remodeling your kitchen – almost too many for a lot of people. Obviously there are the biggies such as the color of the cabinets, type of kitchen sink, style of countertops, etc., but it’s all of the little decisions that most homeowners aren’t expecting that can put them over the edge. Since I love talking and dreaming about kitchens, I thought it would be fun (and hopefully helpful) to occasionally throw some of these little kitchen decisions out to you all to see what you would decide. Let’s start with this one: “How far up the wall do you want your backsplash tile to go?” Every kitchen is different, but often the trickiest spot to figure out where you want your backsplash tile to end is around your kitchen window. One option is to tile around the window and all the way up to the ceiling: While another option is to […]

Project Design: My Gallery Wall “Before”

Lion Head Door Knocker

Update: My gallery wall “before” now has an “after”! Check out my new home office gallery wall {here}! Happy Columbus Day! I hope those of you who have the day off are able to take advantage of the long weekend like I am. Saturday morning I hopped on a train to visit my sister who wanted a partner in crime to help her shop for accessories for her newly remodeled family room. We’ve already scored some great finds for her space along with the final piece of art for the gallery wall that I’m working on as part of the Project Design series with a group of my blogging friends. You may remember that last week we all shared some gallery wall inspiration (you can see the gallery wall images that inspired me {here}) and now this week we’re giving the low-down on our gallery wall projects with the big reveals to follow next Monday. Which […]