Off With the Wallpaper, On with the Gray Paint!

By the time happy hour rolls around today, I’m hoping to be celebrating being the proud owner of a wallpaper-less foyer! 90% of the wallpaper was taken off weeks ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet about finishing the job because that last 10%? So not fun. At some point in our home’s past, crown molding was added to our foyer, which would be all great and wonderful if they hadn’t just slapped the new molding on over the existing wallpaper. So with the wallpaper running up under the crown molding, it involves some painstaking cutting, steaming, and scraping to get those last bits of wallpaper off.

But since I’m close to crossing the wallpaper removing finish line, over the weekend I pulled out my paint chips and started thinking about options for colors to paint our foyer. The three rooms off of our foyer are our living room, dining room, and office – based on the colors in these rooms (a dark taupe gray for the living and dining rooms and charcoal for the office), I think a light gray paint color is the answer. Right now I’ve got seven colors in the running – they’re all great gray colors that I’ve either used before myself or have had others recommend as being their go-to grays. I thought I’d share them with you guys in case any of you are looking for that perfect light gray too!

Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray (HC-170) – this is a true gray and may be a touch darker than what I’m looking for but there’s always the option to mix it at a decreased strength.

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray (HC-173)  is a color that I’ve had mixed success with in the past. I’ve painted two rooms with it and one looked amazing and the other had strong purple undertones that I didn’t like. If this color makes the cut, I’ll be painting a large sample of it in the foyer to see how it looks in this particular space before committing.

 Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray (7029) is a color that has come up time and time again as being well-loved and working in a  variety of spaces.

 Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl (OC-52) is another color I haven’t tried myself, but since Emily Henderson deems it her “favorite and best go-to gray of all time”, it’s gotta be in the running. (And can we pause for a sec and just look at that amazing doorway? Love!)
 Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray (7015) is a color that I’ve seen on the walls in a friend’s house and loved and I also I love the tone of it on the paint chip.

 Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray (1548) – well, the name pretty much says it all! Just a beautiful, simple, light classic gray.

 Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (HC-172) is one that I’ve used myself and also recommended many times and everyone seems to love it. Its a great warm, taupey gray.

After I narrow it down from these seven semi-finalists to three or four finalists, it will be time to throw some paint samples on the wall and make my final choice. But before I do that, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about these light grays – have you tried any of them and loved or hated them? Do you have a go-to gray that’s not on my list? Dish it.


My New Geometric Rug (& Some Others You’ll Love)

Driven by Decor-West Elm Black and Gray Geometric Rug

Having a house full of hardwoods, I’m always got my eye out for good looking, inexpensive rugs. And I’ve been loving the patterned rugs that some of my favorite stores have come out with this fall. One of them (West Elm’s Bazaar Wool Dhurrie Rug) jumped its way into my online shopping cart and arrived at my door yesterday. I love the fun geometric pattern and the colors fit right in with the rest of my house. I’ve got a few different spots where I could use it but I’m thinking it will stay in our entryway since it works so well with the colors & patterns in our living and dining rooms, which are the two rooms flanking our entry. I thought I’d share a few of my other favorite new patterned rugs too in case you’re a chronic rug searcher like me. Most of them are online-only but I just waited until West Elm had a free […]

Decorating for Fall: Keeping it Simple

Driven by Decor decorative wood beads

When it comes to seasonal decorating, I’m all about keeping it simple. Because hauling boxes of stuff in and out of storage and then packing and unpacking accessories for the next holiday or season just isn’t my idea of fun. Instead of going all out, I just do a little rearranging, mix in a few seasonal accessories (using greenery from my yard and other natural elements when I can), and enjoy the simple, unassuming elegance of “less is more”. My favorite “accessories” this fall? Feathers. I may just have to add feathers to my list of obsessions because I’ve now got them in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. I’ve added some to a little flea market trophy cup that sits on a woven tray in our living room, and also to this little brass thrift store beauty that’s in our kitchen, and I’m working on a little feathered something for our dining room (more on that in […]

Boring Chair Backs No More! Adding Color and Pattern with a Simple DIY

Fringe added to fabric and draped over chair back

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I don’t know what the weather was like in your neck of the woods but it was hotter and more summery feeling here than it has been in weeks. No complaining from me – winter is sneaking up on us so I’ll gladly soak up as many sunshine filled days as come my way until then. While I spent most of the weekend goofing off, I did finish up a project in our living room and am loving the change it’s made to this space. You may remember that when you walk into our living room, the back of one of our slipcovered swivel chairs is facing you. It’s not ideal but it’s the best furniture arrangement for this long and narrow room. I was feeling the need to soften things up and bring in some more pattern and had the idea of draping a throw or runner over the back of […]

A New Look & Some Weekend Inspiration

chevron herringbone accent wall

It’s been kinda quiet on the blog this week but super busy behind the scenes as Kate and I have been busy finishing up Driven by Decor’s new look! We’ve still got some tweaking to do in the next few weeks but the basics of the new design are up and running – what do you think? Thanks so much for sticking with me lately when the blog hasn’t been as full of projects and house happenings as usual. There’s actually been a lot of DIYing and designing going on around here and now that the blog construction is wrapping up, I’m excited to take some photos and start sharing everything that I’ve been up to (including what I ended up doing with my foyer bench that you guys gave me so much great advice on)! And since I don’t want to leave my design-loving friends eye candy-less, here’s a little weekend inspiration for you… An amazing herringbone accent wall: […]

Decorating Inspiration From My Mailbox

Styling Console chest vases

Did you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend? My parents came for a visit and we had a great couple of days with the highlight being a day trip into NYC on Sunday for the six of us to see The Lion King (which was amazing!). Then I did a 180 on the fun factor and spent a chunk of Monday doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and working my way through our ever-growing stack of mail. In that stack were new fall catalogs from some of my favorite stores and there was some serious decorating inspiration to be found in those pages. I was especially blown away by the Williams-Sonoma Home catalog – the styling of their products is gorgeous! Decorating the top of a long chest or console can be tricky and I was so inspired by the beautiful layered styling of these spaces:  {Williams-Sonoma Home} {Williams-Sonoma Home} (and pssst, Mr. Driven […]