Acrylic Curtain Rods with Brass Hardware

After teasing you all with a sneak peak on Instagram, I’ve finally put together a post to share the details on the new acrylic drapery rods and brass hardware in our home office. Lucite, brass, and black – is there any more glamorous combination?!

Acrylic drapery rod with gold hardware

I wish I could have you all over to see these acrylic beauties in person because the pics don’t do them justice – between the dark walls, the light coming in the window, and the clear rods, it’s a super challenging space to photograph. But I couldn’t love the touch of glam they add to this space any more than I do!

Home office with black walls and brass accents

Gallery wall || Acrylic and brass drapery hardware

Glam acrylic drapery rod with brass hardware

Before I share the sources of the rod and hardware, I have to thank Grace from A Storied Style for the inspiration. The DIY tutorial for her acrylic drapery rods {here} was the jumping-off point for my own version. Grace found that Nationwide Plastics sells acrylic rods for much less than what you can find them for elsewhere. She details the different options for rod types, lengths, and sizes along with the contact information (you have to call in your order) in this post.

I went with a 1 1/2″ cellcast acrylic rod – it cost just under $100 for one 8′ rod including tax and shipping. As an FYI, the rod that I received was actually 8’3″ so if you need a rod that’s exactly 8′, I would let them know that when ordering. Nationwide Plastics will cut the rod for you at whatever length you specify for no additional charge.

Acrylic curtain rod with brass rings and hardware

The brass supports are 1.5″ OD polished brass railing brackets ordered from Buy Railings {here} – they were sourced by Kristin of The Hunted Interior when she installed her gorgeous lucite rods that you can check out {here}. My window is quite wide so I have three brackets – one a few inches in from each end:

Brass support for acrylic drapery rod

and one in the middle. Since I needed a rod greater than 8′, I actually have two separate acrylic rods that join in the middle but you’d never know it wasn’t one continuous rod since the center bracket hides the joint.

Center brass support for acrylic drapery rod

I used polished brass curtain rings which I found at Van Dyke’s Restorer’s {here} – they are the perfect size for a 1 1/2″ rod. For the ends of the rods, I could have paid a small fee to have Nationwide Plastics polish them so that the rods could be left as-is with no finials but I wanted a small touch of brass at each end. I ended up finding 2″ brass flush end caps from Van Dyke’s Restorer’s {here} and they are exactly what I was looking for. The inside of the end caps are just a little larger than the rod itself so I used some double-sided duct tape to stick them onto the ends of the rod.

Brass endcap for acrylic drapery rod

If you’re ordering from Van Dyke’s definitely search for a promo code – I found a great one that brought the price down quite a bit. And for all of you matchy matchy peeps out there – be aware that the brass finish of the rod supports is slightly off from the brass finish of the end caps and rings. It’s not enough of a difference to bother me (I only notice it when I’m super close up) but there is a small difference.

And in case you’re wondering about the drapes – they were made (by someone with way more sewing talent than me) with Robert Allen’s Lighten Up fabric in the Lemongrass colorway. I had the drapes made a few inches longer than I normally would so that they can be pulled away from the baseboard heating in the winter.

Citrine and white floral fabric

So what do you all think? Are you into the acrylic and gold combo or not so much?

Home office: Black walls || lucite and brass drapery rods || brass flush mount light || white built-ins

I’m loving that my new drapes put me one step closer to finally finishing off the office – I’ve got my eye on a new desk chair and maybe even a new desk (I’ve been stalking Craigslist for what I have in mind) and then this room will be officially D. O. N. E.


Want to see more pics of the office? You can check out more of our office {here}

Want to see more pics of the gallery wall? You’ll find my gallery wall post {here}

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