Calendars as a Source of Inexpensive Art

During the school year, I spend several hours a week working on house projects but during the summer, the speed with which I get house projects done shifts to a slow crawl. There’s good reason – my girls are growing up fast and I don’t want their summer memories to be of mom wielding a paint brush. I want their memories to be of fun times at the pool, backyard BBQs with friends and family, trips to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt with tons of goodies loaded on top, fun family vacations, etc. So I spend my days off of work in the summer doing all of those fun things (as well as barking at my girls to clean their rooms and stop fighting with each other – just keeping it real here…). So that is the long winded explanation as to why I’m STILL working on revamping the small breakfast area in our kitchen.  My next step in the project is to find some art for the wall space above my kitchen bench seat. I’ve envisioned a grouping of six same-sized prints, all identically framed and matted.  It is a look that I love:

{Emily A. Clark}

{Dimples & Tangles}

{Diane Bergeron Interiors}
{dear lillie}

{Layla Grace}

{Porter Design Company}

It can be a challenge to find six prints that coordinate well with one another and aren’t too expensive.  My original plan was to use six burlap art prints but I ended up falling in love with a burlap print that is personalized with my family’s name and it looks perfect hung in our foyer (I’ll have to share a pic on a future post!). Since the wall on which my framed burlap print is hung adjoins my bench seat wall, I feel like I need to do something different above the bench now. I’ve been thinking about finding a calendar that has a neat illustration each month and using those illustrations as my art – it’s both easy (because the prints all coordinate with one another) and cheap! I haven’t had time this summer to do much searching for a calendar, but while looking around online at Anthropologie a few days ago, I found some great 2013 calendars with illustrations that would be perfect for framing as art! There are several to choose from, three of which are by Cavallini & Co. including a Vintage Maps calendar,

an Entomology calendar:

and a Vintage Travel calendar:

There’s also  A Year in The Treetops calendar by Rebecca Rebouche that is filled with whimsical images that are perfect for framing:

The calendars range in price from about $20-$22 so if I selected six of the twelve images to use as framed art, it comes out to less than $4 per print.  I would place them in inexpensive RIBBA frames from IKEA

and end up with a grouping of framed and matted prints for less than $20 each – you can’t beat that!  Have you ever used a calendar as a source for art prints? Which Anthropologie calendar is your favorite??

Gatehouse Lane/Ivy Halls Giveaway Winner!


The winner of the $50 credit to Etsy store Gatehouse Lane or Ivy Halls is….. Yolanda Popplewell! Yolanda’s favorite item is this beautiful Candy Pink Pillow Sham from Gatehouse Lane: Congratulations to Yolanda and hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Winner was selected at random by the Rafflecopter widget,  which is powered by

Decorating with Suzanis: New Suzani-Inspired Furnishings!


Suzanis are used as decorative elements by some of the most renowned interior designers.  True suzanis are intricately hand-embroidered textiles originating from Central Asia – the sewer’s embroidery skills and personality come shining through in each unique suzani.  Suzanis are sewn using bright, vibrant colors in floral, vine, and medallion patterns that make a bold, dramatic impact when used to decorate a room.  As you may have noticed by the flood of new catalogs in the mail the past few weeks, most home stores recently came out with their new fall lines of furniture and accessories.  One of the trends that I spotted was lots and lots of suzani patterns! I thought it might be fun to take a look at some images of professionally designed rooms where suzanis were used (you know I love to ogle over pretty pics!) and then show you finds from some of the new […]

Swing-arm Library Wall Lights


I absolutely love the look of library lights – adding a few of these swing-arm sconces to a room can be the “wow” factor that makes a room amazing!  They can be found at several lighting companies such as Circa Lighting, Visual Comfort, and Rejuvenation in a variety of finishes and styles. When we created a home office a few years ago (by switching around a few rooms downstairs and using the space that used to be the dining room), I knew that I eventually wanted wall-to-wall bookcases with library lights hung over them.  Check out my inspiration images of bookcases with library lights and tell me that it isn’t just the coolest look: {source} {source} {source} {source} {source} {source} {source} {source} Don’t you love it?! Library lights can also look amazing in other rooms of your house – I’ve seen them used in kitchens, {source} {source} {source} {source} bedrooms, {source} {source} […]

Gatehouse Lane & Ivy Halls Bedding Giveaway!!


This giveaway is now closed Etsy Shops Ivy Halls and Gatehouse Lane recently closed as well Happy Friday friends! I’ve got a wonderful giveaway for you today from Etsy shops Ivy Halls and Gatehouse Lane, which sell the most gorgeous handmade bedding! Shop owners Katie and Joan have five daughters between their two families – their experience decorating and redecorating their daughters’  rooms over the years have made them experts in design ideas and bedding for girls and young women. Their first store, Gatehouse Lane, offers beautiful bedding in colorful patterns and styles that any girl would love! Not only is each individual piece of bedding gorgeous, but Katie and Joan have taken the guesswork out of putting a bedding ensemble together by offering duvet covers, pillow shams, and accent pillows that all coordinate beautifully. One of my favorites is their aqua duvet cover that has a geometric print on one side and a stripe and polka […]

The Well Hidden TV: Clever Disguises for That Big Black Box!


Most of us agree that there needs to be a spot for a TV in our family rooms but when you start talking about where to put the TV…. that’s when you start to get some disagreements! Some people absolutely love their big flat screen TVs and proudly display them in the room while others can’t stand how they look and will go to great lengths to hide them. I actually fall somewhere between the two camps – I certainly don’t love the look of a big ole TV and am not a huge fan of putting them front and center in a room but at the same time, I’m all about keeping the little things in life easy and don’t know if I’d want to have to continually hide and “unhide” my TV every time I wanted to watch it. For those of you who prefer to keep your […]

Your College Dorm Décor Checklist


In seven years, my oldest daughter goes to college. That thought totally blows my mind – seven years seems like a long way off, but I know it will be here before I know it.  While I’m totally unprepared for even the thought of my daughter living away from home, she is already preparing for it.  She has started cutting out pictures from all of the recent “back to college” catalogs and flyers that we’ve been getting in the mail to plan how she’ll decorate her dorm room. I kid you not. Must be those decorating-obsessed genes  After looking through my daughter’s clippings and doing some online searching of my own, I couldn’t believe how much cool stuff is out there for decorating girls’ dorm rooms.  I know that many of you have children, nieces, other relatives, or friends starting college this fall so I created a dorm décor checklist to […]

DIY Furniture & Home Accessories Made with Wood Pallets


Having a very limited decorating budget can sometimes work to your advantage – it forces you to get creative and think about reusing or repurposing items in ways that you otherwise never would have considered. Wood shipping pallets are a great example of an item that you can get your hands on for free (or at least very cheap) and that can be inexpensively repurposed into furniture and accessories.  You’ll be blown away with design inspiration after you check out these amazing DIY projects in which ugly wood pallets were transformed into beautiful home décor pieces!Angela and Debbie from Trés Chére used a discarded wood pallet and some leftover paint to create this beautiful Union Jack coffee table. You can probably guess from my previous post on Union Jack home décor that this project is right up my alley – totally L-O-V-E it!  And the best part? Including the casters that Angela […]

Stylish Built-in Dog Beds and Kennels


Our kitchen is pretty small so every bit of space is a precious commodity. What takes up a chunk of the little floor space there is? The dog bed for this little bat-eared cutie: Having a dog bed in the kitchen is a necessary evil because Hope never lets me out of her sight – if I’m working in the kitchen and there is no dog bed for her to lie down on, she is totally underfoot. In a few years, we hope to completely gut and remodel our kitchen and I would love to incorporate a built-in dog bed into the new kitchen design. If we’re able to squeeze an island into our new kitchen (doubtful unfortunately…), a built-in dog bed such as one of these would be perfect:  {Kitchen Building} {Cook Architectural Design Studio} {San Antonio Express – News} Other options are to build a dog bed into […]