Pillow Cover Winner (And a Discount for Everyone!)

Wow, you guys LOVE Pillow Flight‘s pillow covers! I enjoyed reading through all of your comments on the giveaway post. Most of you chose pillow covers with bright colors as your favorites – I think we’re all ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring and adding some colorful new pillow covers to your home is a great way to do just that. The good news is that we’re actually all winners in this giveaway because Jessica is generously offering 15% off all Pillow Flight pillow covers for everyone who entered (and other Driven by Décor readers who may have missed it) – just use the coupon code “supersecret” at checkout 

And now for the big giveaway winner who was chosen at random by Rafflecopter – it is… Kennedy Rae! Kennedy left this comment: “I love the cut velvet in green. So chic!” 

Congrats Kennedy and thanks to Jessica at Pillow Flight for a great giveaway!

Putting Our Home Office Together (Finally!)


After having worked for weeks to finish off the walls and crown molding in our home office (way more hours went into filling the nail holes on the new crown molding and painting & caulking it than I had expected…), we’re finally starting to move the furniture in. As you may remember, after shopping around for several weeks for a large bookcase, we ended up buying this one from a local store called Merridian:  We knew that we wouldn’t have the office ready for another two months so the store agreed to hold the bookcase in their back room until we were ready for it. Perfect. Well, maybe not. Two weeks after we purchased it, they called to let us know that the store was closing in one week and that we needed to pick up the bookcase ASAP. Panic. WHERE in our house are we possibly going to store this […]

Layering Mirrors Over Mirrors


The past few weeks I’ve been sorting through our closets and basement storage space and getting rid of anything that we don’t need prior to our move to CT. It’s become abundantly clear that I have an addiction.  To mirrors. Yes, mirrors. I have several mirrors hanging throughout my home – they are great for bouncing around light in small or narrow rooms and making the space seem bigger. That part is pretty normal.  It’s the fact that I have lots and lots of other mirrors stashed in closets throughout my home where the addiction part comes in. You can get the most fabulous mirrors for a song at HomeGoods and Ballard Designs’ Outlet and when I see a beautiful one at a great price, I can’t pass it up. The reasonable thing to do with my stash of mirrors would be to sell or donate the ones that I’m […]

Pillow Cover Giveaway from Pillow Flight!


This giveaway is now closed – thanks for entering! Happy Wednesday all! It’s time for our monthly giveaway and I’ve got an awesome one for you today from Etsy shop Pillow Flight!  There are lots of sources for pillows on Etsy but Pillow Flight totally stands out from the rest because of the gorgeous selection of fabrics and the high quality of craftsmanship that the shop’s owner, Jessica, puts into creating each pillow cover. Jessica has a background in interior design so she has a great eye for mixing modern patterns with classic basics as well as coordinating different colors and patterns. When you look through Pillow Flight’s selection of pillow covers, you’ll see that Jessica shows many of them grouped in mini “collections” with two or three coordinating covers like this: So if you’re someone who has a hard time putting together a grouping of pillows in different fabrics […]

Classic Kitchen Pendant Lighting: The Hicks Pendant


It’s hard to find lighting fixtures with a classic, timeless design that you can have in your home for years and years yet never tire of.  I’ve long admired the Hicks Pendant designed by Thomas O’Brien and each time I see it on Pinterest or in a design magazine, instead of getting tired of it, I fall more in love with it. The Hicks Pendant is both retro and modern and has a classic, visually interesting design that makes any space a touch more glamorous.   {Sketch 42} The Hicks Pendant comes in three sizes and four finishes, my favorite of which is the bronze with hand-rubbed antique brass accents.  Two or three of these pendants in a white kitchen is sheer perfection: {Style at Home} {High Gloss Magazine} {sketch 42} {David Scott via Circa Lighting} {Canadian House & Home} The Hicks Pendant is an expensive light fixture so if […]

Recessed Can Light Conversion Kits: An Easy Way to Dress Up Your Space!


This week has been full of painting and finishing up several little projects around our house in prepping it to show to potential renters. I wish I could say that I figured out the supplies that I would need for each project and made one run to the hardware store for everything but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.  I was in and out of Lowe’s and Home Depot on almost a daily basis with a need for just “one more thing”. On one of my trips to Lowe’s, I came across a neat product that I hadn’t heard of before – it’s a recessed light conversion kit that allows you to easily convert a recessed can light into a hanging shade pendant. Apparently, it’s as simple as screwing it into the recessed light just as you would a light bulb, adjusting the cord length, and then covering the opening […]

How To Paint an Interior Door Like a Pro!


I can only imagine the sense of excitement you must have after reading the title of this post (insert sarcasm here) but what can I say, I blog about what’s going on around my house and ever since we found out about our upcoming move, I’ve been a painting fiend. I finally finished painting all of the molding in our home office and now I’m moving on to painting the doors of our upstairs hall closet. We added this closet as part of the upstairs addition to our home three years ago and believe it or not, I still hadn’t painted the closet doors. I had lots of doors to paint when we did the addition and after painting 6 or 7 of them, I got so bored of doing it that I decided to move on to another project and return to painting the final set of doors in a […]

Our Big News…


I mentioned a few days ago that it had been a tumultuous week for my family and I’ve finally wrapped my head around our big news enough that I can blog about it without tears on the keyboard – we just found out that we are being relocated to Connecticut with my husband’s job.  {via} We have always joked that just as soon as we got every room in our house remodeled, we’d end up being moved elsewhere and that’s pretty much what’s happened. We’re sad to be leaving our well-loved home, but it’s leaving behind our friends that makes this really rough. We moved to Cincinnati as newlyweds, having no family here and knowing absolutely no one. Fast forward 15 years and here we are with two tween girls, a house that fits our family like a glove, and the best friends and neighbors you can imagine. It would […]

My Favorite Kitchen Storage & Design Ideas


While cleaning up my files on our old computer last weekend, I came across a folder that I created years ago with images of unique kitchen storage ideas that I’d love to use in a future kitchen remodel. Adding these images to several that I’ve collected via Pinterest over the past year, I’ve got everything that I need to create one heck of an organized kitchen (well, everything except the forty grand to actually do the remodel….). Wanna see my favorite ideas??I’m not a fan of paper towel holders that hang from the bottom of upper kitchen cabinets but also don’t love having a roll of paper towels chilling out on my countertop.  I LOVE this solution of a slender pullout that not only holds a roll of paper towels, but also has rods for hanging dish towels: {BHG} Another great solution is to build a paper towel dispenser into […]